Research Findings – Objectives , Importance and Techniques

Published 16 October, 2023

Findings are basically the key outcome of the investigation. It is basically a key fact which you can discover during an investigation. Research findings are facts and phrases, observations, and experimental data resulting from research.

It’s important to note here that “finding” does not always mean “factual information” because conductive research relies on results and implications rather than measurable facts.

For example, A researcher is conducting research for measuring the extent up to which globalization impacts the business activities of firms. The findings of the research reveal that there has been a great increase in the profitability of companies after globalization. An important fact which researcher has discovered is that it is globalization which has enabled firms to expand their business operations at the international level.

Objectives of finding section in the research paper

  • The main objective of the finding section in a research paper is to display or showcase the outcome in a logical manner by utilizing, tables, graphs, and charts.
  • The objective of research findings is to provide a holistic view of the latest research findings in related areas.
  • Research findings also aim at providing novel concepts and innovative findings that can be utilized for further research, development of new products or services, implementation of better business strategies, etc.

For example, an academic paper on “the use of product life cycle theory with reference to various product categories” will not only discuss different dimensions of the product life cycle but would also present a detailed case study analysis on how the concept was applied using several contemporary case studies from diverse industries.

Importance of findings in the research paper

The finding section in the research paper has great importance as

  • It is the section in a research paper or dissertation that will help you in developing an in-depth understanding of the research problems.
  • This is the section where the theories where you can accept or reject theories.
  • The findings section helps you in demonstrating the significance of the problem on which you are performing research.
  • It is through analysis of the finding section you can easily address the correlational research between the different types of variables in the study.

How to Write Research Findings?

Every research project is unique, so it is very much important for the researcher to utilize different strategies for writing different sections of the research paper. 5 steps that you need to follow for writing the research findings section are:

Step 1: Review the guidelines or instructions of the instructor

It is an initial step, where you should review the guidelines.  By reading the guidelines you will be able to address the different requirements for presenting the results. While reviewing the guidelines you should also keep in mind the restrictions related to the interpretations. In the reseal findings sections, you can also make a comparison between your research results with the outcome of the investigation which other researchers have performed.

Step 2: Focus on the results of the experiment and other findings

At this step, you should choose specific focus experimental results and other research discoveries which are relevant to research questions and objectives. You utilizing subheadings can avoid excessive and peripheral details.  Students can present raw data in appendices of a research paper. You should provide a summary of key findings after completion of the section. Before making the decision related to the structure of the findings section, you need to consider the hypothesis in research and research questions. You should match the format of the findings chapter with that of the research methods sections.

Step 3: Design effective visual presentations

Designing effective visual presentations of research results will help you in improving textual reports of findings. Students can use tables of different styles and unique figures such as maps, graphs, photos which are mainly used by researchers for presenting research findings. But it is very much essential for you to review the journal guidelines. As this is the tactics which will help you in analyzing the requirement of labeling and specific type of formatting. You should number tables, figures, and placement in the manuscript. You should provide a clear and detailed explanation of the data in tables and charts.  Tables and figures should also be self-explanatory

Step 4: Write findings section

You should write the findings sections in a factual and objective manner. While writing the research findings section you should keep in mind its aim. The main aim of the specific section is to communicate information. While writing a findings chapter, it is very much important for you to construct sentences by using a simple structure. You should use an active voice for writing research-finding chapters.  It is very much crucial for you to maintain your concentration on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Students can utilize a special type of terminology for presenting the findings of the study. You can use thematic analysis in research for presenting the findings. In the thematic analysis technique, you need to design themes on the basis of the answers of respondents.

You should use a logical approach for organizing the findings section in a research paper.  it is very much necessary to highlight the main point and provide summary information which is important for readers in order to develop an understanding of the research discussion section.

Step 5: Review draft of findings section

After writing the findings, you should revise and review them. It is the review technique that will enable you to check accuracy and consistency in information. You can read the content aloud. It s the strategy which will help you in addressing the mistakes.  Ensure that the order in which you have presented results is the best order for focusing readers on your research objectives and preparing them for the interpretations, speculations. Students can also provide recommendations in the discussion chapter. They in order to provide good suggestions need to review back such as introduction, background material.

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Techniques of summarizing important findings

There are a few techniques that you can apply for writing your findings section in a systematic manner. Firstly, you should summarize the key findings. For example, you should start your finding a section like this:

  • The outcome of research reveals that ……
  • The investigation represents the correlation among….
  • While writing the finding section in a research paper, you do not include information that is not important.
  • You should provide a synopsis of outcomes along with a detailed description of the findings. It is considered to be an effective approach that can be applied to highlighting the key finding.
  • You should use graphs, tables, and charts for presenting the finding
  • While writing the findings section you need to highlight the negative outcomes. Students also need to provide proper justification and explanation for the same.

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