Literary Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Literature students have to write their research papers by finding relevant and interesting topics for research. Here are some literary research topics that are suggested to undergraduates and postgraduates for their literary assignments. Take the help of the given list of literary topics for research and starts writing your research paper easily. You will be able to get a big score while writing on such crucial topics of literature. Literature research paper help in topic suggestion provide here is given by the My Research Topics experts for free of cost.

Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics on Renaissance Age

  1. Why renaissance is accompanied by the excessive thrust of knowledge in people from different cultures?
  2. Which were the major influential forces behind the enthusiasm for learning new things in the renaissance period of English literature?
  3. How we can see morality among people and its importance in the Renaissance period?
  4. The emergence of theatre in Europe and the relation of its origin from the coming of the printing press.
  5. How Renaissance man is noted as a new man or man of knowledge and which literary texts depict it effectively?
  6. Why renaissance is considered the best period for the patronization of art?

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Best Topics for research on Neo-Classicism for graduates

  1. Religion and scientific explanation of things become important in the Neo-classical age of literature.
  2. The literary club and its origin can be traced to the neoclassic age where newspapers start catching every eye.
  3. How did empirical knowledge gain importance in the classical period of literature and reason become very important?
  4. Why literary texts written in the neoclassical age are written in the poetic form mostly and not in the prose?
  5. How prose emerges out at the end of the neoclassical period with the coming of a middle class known as NOVA Rich.

Argumentative research topics on Victorianism and literature

  1. Role of the middle class and their depiction in Victorian literature that how they become so important in this age?
  2. The victorian era gives rise to the use of prose language for literary texts by the authors and writers by leaving the verse behind in the neo-classical age.
  3. The plight of the middle class is shown in the Victorian novels along with the importance of marriage institutions.
  4. Victorian age of literature shows the injustice caused to the upper-class women by setting them to the gender roles.
  5. Why we should read Victorian novels to get glimpses of property rights and slavery from history?
  6. How historians have described the Victorian era when it is compared to the literary description by the authors and literary writers?

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Unique research Ideas on Modernism and war literature

  1. Poetry is written at the time of war and how it is different from that of postcolonial poetry?
  2. Important aspects that relate war poetry to the fragmentation of dialogues and communication gap between people after the war.
  3. How modern poetry is having no connection between the different stanzas of the same poem?
  4. Cause of extreme absurdity in modernism poems and literature due to the effect on the mind of people after war destruction.
  5. Rape crimes with women at the time of world war and the birth of illegitimate children having no family line which cause an infringement of emotions.
  6. Which are the major literary texts of the modern era of literature that describe the effect of war on the human mind and anarchy in the best way?

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