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Published 16 October, 2023

At the end of the semester or Course, College students are asked to write a research project by finding a relevant question. Under such graduates find it really difficult to find research project questions on their subject. That is why My Research Topics professionals have suggested free research topics in the form of questions for writing these projects to graduates. So those who are lingering in writing these projects on various subjects as per their course can find research project questions for many subjects here. So select a topic that you can relate with from the list given below and start writing your project on time to submit it before the deadline. For example, you will be able to find marketing research project ideas and environment research questions, etc. in the list given below.

Research project questions on marketing management

  1. How does customer behavior analysis affect the supply of a particular product or service in the market?
  2. What are the fundamental principles of marketing management in online marketing?
  3. How do repo rate increment and deflation exert a poor effect on the business of small and medium business enterprises?
  4. What are the major threats and problems that are faced by new businesses in marketing management?
  5. How to flourish a business with the help of traditional and digital marketing in the international market?
  6. How we can use the policy of equity finance and debt finance in case our businesses go on bankrupt?

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Free research project questions on Environment

  1. How the Kyoto protocol is helpful in saving the environment from the various types of destruction and pollution?
  2. What initiatives should be taken by the IUCN to save the critically endangered species of animals on earth to retain the dying ecosystems?
  3. How high the level of ozone gas in the environment is very dangerous for human beings?
  4. What measures can be taken to convert the atmospheric carbon dioxide into a usable form that than leaving it as it is for raising the temperature of the globe?
  5. How we can put an end to the avalanche and floods by creating the best sink for the consumption of carbon dioxide gas and other harmful gases on the earth?

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Unique and innovative research project questions on Economics

  1. How twin balance sheet is a representation of the poor performance of a firm in business and how we can improve these statistical?
  2. Role of antidumping law as a non-tariff barrier on the business and trade relations of two nations involved in it.
  3. Is it good to flourish the business and trade by opening an international corridor for trade by a given country?
  4. How inflation and deflation can control the entire economy in a given country and their effect on the business with international countries?
  5. ASIAN premium is the extra cost of crude oil charged from ASIAN countries by Gulf oil exporter nations. How it affects the trade relation of Asia with the Gulf countries.

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Best research project questions on Biotechnology

  1. How biotechnology is heading towards bringing genetically modified human beings in the coming couple of decades?
  2. What are the drawbacks that are faced by a human being by consuming genetically modified hybrid vegetables and fruits?
  3. How developed nations differ in their use of biotechnology in several fields of life when compared to the poor countries of the world?

Free ideas for research project questions on Science

  1. Why nuclear power is the most efficient and destructive power which you can use in the negative as well as a positive side to torture or benefit humanity?
  2. Why we are not able to reach the other planets of the universe so far except for Mars only?
  3. How does the concept of test-tube babies raise ethical issues in some countries?
  4. What are the drawbacks of consuming drugs at the time of the game on a regular basis by a player?

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Simple and unique questions for a research project on Geography

  1. How do different continents on the earth vary in their temperature and vegetation and why?
  2. Is it good to plant evergreen trees only in a given area to maintain the greenery forever?
  3. How to check the soft and hard soil of a place before building a house?
  4. What are the precautions which architectures can take to make the buildings resistant to earthquakes and other natural calamities?
  5. How do the geographical conditions of a region affect the phenotype of a human being living in that area?
  6. The reasons behind the formation of the aurora are only on the poles and not on the equators.
  7. How Coriolis force affects the movement of wind towards equators and becomes negligible at poles?

New ideas for research project questions on Literature

  1. What are the characteristics of the Renaissance period we can see in the Shakespearean works?
  2. How to describe the period of modernism in English literature as anarchy?
  3. How was the plight of women in the Victorian era and glimpses of women’s conditions from Charles’ Dickens novels?
  4. What are the effects of the British civil war on the contemporary literature of the country?

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