Topic Sentences in Research Paper – Meaning, Parts, Importance, Procedure and Techniques

Published 16 October, 2023

The topic sentence is one of the most important sentences in a research paper. It states your main idea and sets up everything that follows. A good topic sentence will be specific, clear, and relevant to your thesis statement. This post will teach you how to write a great topic sentence for any research paper!

Meaning of topic sentence

The topic sentence is basically unique sentences that act as a guideline for both reader and writer. It provides the idea of information in the content. It is the first sentence of the paragraph. The topic sentences represent the scope and objective of the paragraph.

A topic sentence is a sentence that provides an overview of the main idea that you are developing in your paragraph or article. Organizing paragraphs with a topic sentence can help to create coherent writing and guide the reader through your paper. A good topic sentence should be clear, have a precise thesis, and not be redundant with any other statement made in your essay.

For example: If you are writing about the pollution, the pollution in Xyz town increased because of the rising population. The topic sentence for this Paragraph will be “pollution”.

Procedure for writing topic sentences

1. Writing a thesis statement

It is an initial phase in relation to drafting topic sentences.  At this stage, you are required to ensure that the thesis statement which you have designed is quite strong. It means that the thesis statement should represent the objective and argument in the research paper.

2. Designing an outline of the essay

It is a phase where you need to prepare or design the paragraph structure in research. In addition to this, you are required to develop a plan for all the facts that you will include in the paragraph. The topic sentences should be developed in relation to paragraphs.

3. Expanding with evidence

While writing the main body paragraphs of the essay you need to ensure that it flows in a logical manner that is according to the topic sentence then after that there could be an expansion in points along with the evidence supporting arguments.

4. Refinement of the topic sentence

Reviewing the topic sentences which you have designed is very much essential in order to make sure that the content of the paragraph matches with the topic sentence.

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Techniques of writing topic sentences in a research paper.

Here are some techniques which you can apply for writing topic sentences these are:

1. A design statement for presenting the idea

As the topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph, therefore, the sentence should clearly represent the information included in the paragraph. While drafting a topic sentence you are required to make sure that it indicates your purpose clearly.

For instance, in a paragraph, you are describing the way globalization has influence marketing activities of companies’ for that paragraph the topic sentence should be the influence of globalization on marketing.”

2. Maintain a balance between general and specific

It means that the topic sentence which you have to design should be related to the paragraph or to the thesis statement of your research paper. The thesis statement should not be too narrow or broad.

Include hooks: One of the crucial roles of the topic sentence is to develop an interest in reading in the reader. In simpler words, the main function of the topic sentence is to capture the attention of the reader.

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3. Write short and sweet

You should keep the topic sentence short as it is the strategy that will help you in representing your intention clearly.

4. Provide a justifiable opinion

You can include your opinion as a topic sentence; you can do this in a situation if you are planning to include your perspective in the paragraph.

5. Utilize the topic sentence as a transition

you should select such a topic sentence that provides the reader idea about the information in the previous and next paragraphs.


  • If in a paragraph you are making a comparison between two things then in such case you need to use such words which highlight the distinguishing.
  •  If in a paragraph you are explaining various aspects on the similar subject then you should ensure that the topic sentence provides a summary of the existing paragraph along with new information.

Parts of topic sentences

The three important parts of the topic statement are :

  1. Limited topic
  2. Verb
  3. Attitude, opinion, or feeling

Importance of topic sentences in a research paper

  • It enables the reader to have an idea about the things which have been covered in a specific paragraph.
  • It also provides readers ease in addressing the important points.
  • The topic sentence in the research paper is very much essential as it supports the thesis statement.
  • It also enables readers to maintain their concentration on important points.
  • A topic sentence is important as it helps in clarifying the objective of writing a particular paragraph.
  • An effective topic sentence enables you to avoid miscommunication and confusion.

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