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Published 16 October, 2023

The conclusion of a research paper is one of the very essential and vital elements of a research paper that must be accurate and represent the soul of your paper. the most important part. It provides readers with an overview of what has been discussed in the paper and how it fits into broader discussions about the topic. The conclusion should be concise, but also provide enough information to leave your audience satisfied that they have read something worthwhile. So follow the given tips for writing research paper conclusions for your college papers given here by My Research Topics. You will be able to fetch the best grades in an argumentative, critical research paper and all other types of research papers as well.

Meaning of conclusion

The conclusion is basically the last section of a research paper. The conclusion in the research paper is basically a summary of the entire work. This section in the research paper also includes the predictions made about the future. The conclusion of a research paper refers to the point where the author summarizes and discusses their results. It will often include what was done in the experiment, why it was done, how it went, and what they found out.

In other words, A conclusion in a research paper is an overview of the major points and findings. It should be clear, concise, focused on the thesis statement, and should include highlights of the major findings, a summary of the contribution or significance to practice, theory, or knowledge, and any implications of further research to those involved with this field.

Objectives of writing a conclusion in research paper

Following are some objectives of writing a conclusion section in a research paper:

  • The main objective of writing the conclusion in the research paper is to provide an explanation of the Research Results.
  • Another objective of the conclusion section is to provide the user or reader and ease in analyzing the results.
  • The main purpose of a conclusion in the research paper is to present the research findings.
  • It intends to highlight the unusual facts discovered during an investigation.

Tips and techniques for making conclusions more effective

Here are some techniques which you can apply for making the conclusion of the research paper more effective and attractive.

  • While writing the conclusion section for your research paper you should provide a little bit description of every section. When providing little detail about every section you need to ensure that all the parts are linked to each other.
  • Keep your thesis, main points, and summarizing facts clear and concise.
  • Synthesize your information by providing questions and answers, results, suggestions, or a resolution to your arguments.
  • In order to write an effective conclusion for your research paper, be sure that you summarize your findings briefly in just one or two sentences- this will make any edits much easier when someone may want you to change things later on.
  • You can use Hooks while writing the conclusion, as this technique will help you in capturing the attention of the reader.
  • Avoid personal approach and objectivity while writing a conclusion for the research paper. You need to consider the objective while writing the conclusion section.
  • Avoid repeating information that you have already discussed.

Tips to start your research paper conclusion

A research paper conclusion can be started by following the given tips for writing a research paper here. Read them intensively to write your conclusion in a professional way.

  1. Make sure that your research paper conclusion does not start with an abrupt note.
  2. Try to write your conclusion in reference to the entire paper written so far.
  3. Do not forget to give some examples from your arguments of the paper to make it more reliable and justifiable.
  4. Never commit the mistake of writing new points at this part of the paper which has no presence in the rest of the paper.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper

The steps below show you how to construct an effective conclusion for either type of research paper:

  1. Restate the research topic and thesis
  2. Summarize the main points
  3. Explain the significance of your points

Restate the research topic and thesis

First, remind the reader of your research problem that you will have discussed in depth throughout the body section. Avoid rewording or repeating phrases that have been used before. It’s usually a good idea to keep it brief, so try not to go over two sentences at most.
After you have restated the topic, proceed with a thesis statement. You shouldn’t rewrite it using exactly the same language as before; instead, try to paraphrase your own words and stay focused on the topic at hand.

Summarize the main points

Now, it’s time to summarize the main points of your research paper. So that you can remind an audience what your research was about, without repeating all the facts and figures from earlier in this document. In this part, you only need to overview the main points, without adding new information or supporting every argument with facts.

Explain the significance of your points

After discussing the main points of your argument, you can present the significance of these points. For instance, after stating the impacts and how they relate to a specific outcome or result from another study that is relevant for this topic. you could also provide information obtained through studies or other findings to help add emphasis to how you present the significance of your information.
However, you must still discuss the matter’s future. Adding a call-to-action or a suggestion is the best option. Encourage the reader to explore and analyze the topic further.


The conclusion of the research paper is where you summarize all your findings and suggestions and provide a clear call to action. You should provide a clear, concise summary that sums up your argument. In addition to summarizing what you found in the course of your research, be sure to make recommendations for how others can apply this information.

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