Research Discussion – Objectives, Importance, Basic Rules, and Techniques

Published 16 October, 2023

The discussion chapter is where you will explain the meaning and importance of your results. It should focus on explaining what you found, relating it to anything from your literature review or research questions, and making an argument for why this conclusion makes more sense than any other one.

It should focus on explaining how it relates to what was found in previous studies and show that there are conclusions drawn from this work. The author will argue for their thesis statement which may be an extension or modification of the original research question proposed earlier in order to discuss a new perspective about its significance with respect to other topics covered by related literature reviews.

Objectives of Research Discussion

Discussion in the context of research means an in-depth analysis of the argument in order to reach the research conclusion.

  • The main objective of the discussion section in the research paper is to provide interpretation and demonstration of the importance of research findings.
  • In addition to this, another purpose of the discussion section in the academic paper is to discover the hidden aspect of the issue on which you are performing research. It intends to help the researcher in demonstrating the way findings drawn from the research which you are performing will help the reader in increasing their knowledge about specific problems.

Importance of discussion in research paper 

The discussion section in the research section has great significance:

  • It is the section in a research paper that enables you to showcase your critical thinking skills. As the discussion is the section in a research paper where you need to critically think about the problem and provide a unique solution for the same.
  • Discussion enables you to explain the meaning and purpose of the investigation. It is through discussion you by providing evidence can demonstrate the signification of the problem.
  • This section in the research paper further allows you to analyze the further scope of improvement in the research process.
  • Through writing a discussion paper, you can easily demonstrate the way findings or conclusions drawn from the investigation which you are performing on a specific topic will help in filling the knowledge gap.
  • By writing a good discussion in academic papers you can easily encourage the reader to critically think about the problem.

The basic rules of writing discussion in a research paper

The basic rules which you should follow while writing a discussion section in a research paper are:

  • You should try to avoid repetition of sentences
  • You need to state your opinion clearly.
  • Avoid the utilization of technical words or sentences.
  • First, you should provide interpretation and then have a logical about the same in a research paper.
  • The subheadings which you can use for organizing the discussion in a systematic manner. In addition to this, you can use themes for presenting your findings in a systematic manner. The use of themes for presenting information will help you to make reports presentable and easily understandable by the reader.

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Techniques of writing discussion in research paper


You should include the following in the discussion section of the research paper:

  • Explain outcome: While writing the discussion section you need to clearly state whether you have expected the same outcome or findings or not. In addition to the academic paper, you should include the detail about the unique trends which you have analyzed.
  • References of existing investigation: Here, you need to make a comparison of your research findings with the investigation performed by other researchers on the same topic or subject. It is a technique that which you can apply for supporting the claim. You need to review the sources from where you have gathered the information for writing the literature review in research paper. You can utilize the references for showing the investigations which already have been conducted earlier on the same topic in the discussion section.
  • Application of research: In the discussion section, you can share your experience of learning through participating in an investigation. In addition to this, you can state the skills and knowledge which you have developed by participating in research. You can give some suggestions or advice for improving situations. For instance, I have gain knowledge about new concepts and developed an understanding of the theories related to globalization. Another example: the study you can easily design a new theory out of it which you can include in the discussion section.
  • Hypothesis: A more general claim or hypothetical conclusion based on the findings [that may or may not be proven or disproved in the subsequent study]. This can be expressed as new research questions that have arisen as a result of your investigation.

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