Research Paper On Homelessness For College Students

Published 16 October, 2023

College students often get stuck in writing their research papers after the completion of the research proposal. This is because of the poor idea about the format and paragraph structure of the research paper. At the same time, some of them are not aware of the topic and major points associated with it.

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A best-quality research paper is provided to the students of college so that they can easily understand the format and aspects of the topic for writing their own research paper on homelessness. The research paper is divided into four parts like professionals and graduates can understand what to follow in every part from the free research paper sample on homelessness easily. By reading the complete sample you will be able to write your paper fast on time as well.

Research Paper Sample on Homelessness


If we turn the pages of history we will come to know that homelessness has been an issue always in American society. When slavery gets vanished many slaves who were working for their masters were not happy with the abolishment of slavery. One of the major purposes behind this can be given to the fear of homelessness experienced by the slaves. But the scenario is not much changed for the present decade as well in the country.

There is a score of people who are still going through homelessness and poor living style. Here we will talk about the reason for homelessness and how to control the burning issue effectively. Also, efforts will be made to relate homelessness with the economic development of the country as well.

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Methods and Methodologies for Research Paper Writing

The qualitative and quantitative research methods are carried out for the research paper to compare the statistical and quality data to reach the ground reality. The research methodology will help to understand what percent of the population is suffering from the issue of homelessness and what could be done to solve it.

At the same time by having a look at the effect of poverty and homelessness on people within a longer period of time. That is the best way to become aware of the realities of homelessness is a better way. We cannot just go through a single method of research to understand the realities in every aspect to solve the issue in a real sense.


The research on the above topic gives an idea that almost half of the population in America is suffering from homelessness. The cause can be given to the illegal immigration of the people to the continent and settling there forever. Poverty in countryside areas is another cause behind homelessness among people.

People are unable to manage their two squares of meals in some situations and their life is getting worse every day. We can also evidence some unnatural death which is the result of malnutrition among children and adults as well.

The efforts put by the government to check this issue prove to be tiny in front of the giant problem. As a result of which the role of the population in the economic development of the nation is approaching a figure which is equal to zero.

The actions taken in the social welfare schemes are in vain and by the time these profits reach the poor they get diluted to a huge extent. That is the reason by it is taking time to solve the issue of homelessness.


From the above findings of the research paper, we can make out a conclusion that there is a long way to travel for mitigating the issue of homelessness. Most of the people are having no solution to get rid of their miserable plight and not even any ray of home. The government efforts which are not meeting any end also need to be checked for their efficient outcomes.

Illegal immigration should be barred in the country to check the ratio of people having no home. That is how the load on the natural resources of the country can be controlled to provide a home for every citizen of the country and continent at large. But there is still a long path to tread for reaching a utopian state where nobody will be facing the issue of homelessness.

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