Life Science Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

The discipline of life sciences is very vast which includes Botany, Biochemistry, Zoology, and many other sub-disciplines. Research paper topics list on life sciences is given to the high school, college, masters & Ph.D. scholars by My Research Topics to students of life sciences.

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Research paper topics on Bio-chemistry

  1. How does the immunity of the human body decrease with the lowered count of b-cells?
  2. How enzymes are key factors to increase the rate of metabolism in the human body?
  3. Why it is important to have the correct sequence of genes on a chromosome?
  4. Why our body is unable to build essential amino acids?
  5. Which type of energy source is best out of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats?
  6. Should we avoided lipids in our diet to the core or keep them to a subsidiary ratio of food we take?

Unique and new topics for research on Botany

  1. An effective way to check the growth of harmful families of agarics.
  2. Is Albugo rust is harmful in spinach for our body?
  3. How fungal infections can turn out to be fatal in many cases?
  4. Effect on the vegetation of hills through snowfall.
  5. Why saffron cannot be grown in the plains area through artificial techniques?
  6. Why sulfur dust of pollen grains is dangerous for Asthma patients during the season of pollination?
  7. What are the ill effects of fungus presence on the different eatables?
  8. Can we eat an apple having a scab without the fear of infection or food poisoning?

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Research paper topics ideas on Zoology for college

  1. What is the role of the dual respiratory system of fishes?
  2. How the circulatory system of invertebrates and vertebrates varies?
  3. Why do parasites have two hosts to complete their life cycle?
  4. Can we say that starfish is not a fist but actually a class of invertebrates?
  5. The difference in the reproductive system of fishes and their lives.
  6. How cockroach manages to breathe having a thick Skelton on the skin.
  7. What is the functioning process of a two-chambered heart organism?
  8. Comparative study of the heart from primitive to an advanced stage.

List of free topics for research on Ecology

  1. How Biomagnification can be seen from one level to another in the food chain and web?
  2. Harmful effects of biomagnification of the rate of food metabolism and deterioration of health.
  3. How success takes place in an ecosystem over a period of time?
  4. Lichens as a primary source to convert barren land into a productive area.
  5. Metaphysical and sedentary rocks with the process of their formation.
  6. How a water ecosystem is connected to the terrestrial ecosystem of that particular area?
  7. Different facts that affect the existence and working of an ecosystem in a given geographical area.
  8. Why it is important to maintain the food chain and food web to run an ecosystem in a smooth manner?

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Bio-diversity research paper topics for college

  1. Role of biodiversity for the existence of human life.
  2. Why we should be much focused upon growing different types of plants in the given area?
  3. How vivid a range of flora and fauna in an area is beneficial for the human population of the specific area?
  4. What should be done to save critically endangered species of the world?
  5. How national zoological parks are different from that sanctuaries?
  6. Role of international law committee to preserve the biodiversity of the world with great attention.
  7. Why the existence of humanity cannot be supposed without the biodiversity on this earth.
  8. Can we prepare artificial biodiversity in our area?
  9. Why canopy is not good for plants which require sunlight throughout their life?

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