Philosophy Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023 for USA Students

Published 16 October, 2023

If you are doing a degree in modern Philosophy then it is very sure that writing a research paper on Philosophy is part of your course. The primary step to write a research paper for students is to search for good philosophy research paper topics. Most of the topics are already picked by previous students and thus it becomes the biggest challenge for students. That is why My Research Topics professionals have suggested the free list of philosophy research paper ideas without charging any cost. You can pick a topic from the suggested list anytime to write a good research proposal.

Research Topics for Philosophy on Animal Behavior

  1. Do animals respond to human feelings?
  2. Lion can also leave a pray by getting pity to it.
  3. Dogs are not always loyal to their masters.
  4. Is it possible for a cat to lie beside a stray dog without any fear?
  5. Do animals really communicate with each other in a silent way?
  6. How we can see the biggest example of non-verbal communication through animal behavior?

Topics for Philosophy on Capital punishment

Here are some research proposal topics in philosophy

  1. Why capital punishment should be stopped to bring a permanent solution for solving the cause of crime?
  2. Role of criminal justice in interrogating capital punishment and its validity.
  3. How reformative punishment is seen in co-relation with capital punishment?
  4. What are the heinous crimes for which capital punishment cannot be replaced by any other sort of punishment?
  5. Why do people commit crimes even they know the conclusion in the form of capital punishment?
  6. The difference in the psychology of a criminal while committing a crime and at the time of punishment

Free topics for philosophy research paper on religion

  1. Why religion is important above life for most of the people in this world?
  2. Why we cannot declare humanity as the supreme religion which can dominate the teachings of all other religions?
  3. Position of God in the religion for people and how they see the two differently?
  4. Why agnostics are not complete atheists and theists?
  5. Why do people slay in the name of religion?
  6. Can we follow religion by divorcing humanity?
  7. Why morality and religion are different which talks about the same things?
  8. Will Covid 19 would cause a religious recession?
  9. Covid 19 influence on Religious liberty.
  10. Would Covid 19 weaken the base of organized religions?

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Philosophy research paper topics ideas on Feminism

  1. Why women are in subjugation to men and need a movement like feminism?
  2. What should be the physical criteria for women in the recruitment of paramilitary forces if they demand equal rights to men?
  3. Why women are considered physically less strong as compared to men?
  4. From where the custom of the dowry system started and how it can be eradicated from the minds of people?

Philosophy topics for research on Social behavior

Below are few philosophy research questions

  1. Why a person tries to escape from social gatherings and wants to remain in his own sphere of life?
  2. What does the psychology of a child reflect who does not make friends throughout his life?
  3. Can parents be the best friend of their child in a real sense?
  4. How the marriage age and the age of maturity are defined by society and government?
  5. How ethics and social behavior can never be separated from the life of social humans?
  6. Why social taboos are created by society and how should they be seen by intellectual people?
  7. How we can connect the traditions as backed by scientific reasons and people are forced to follow them in the name of customs?

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