Types of Research Papers

Published 16 October, 2023

Research papers are used to convey research findings and share knowledge. There are a number of different types of research papers, each with its own purpose, audience, and style requirements. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of research papers in detail so you can choose which type suits your needs best!

Students who are pursuing their higher education in different courses for graduate and postgraduate degrees have to go through the research paper writing assignments given by professors. But is very obvious that students are not going to have similar types of research papers topics in their assignments. To write this research paper expertise and awareness about the different forms of a research paper are very important for the students.

For this purpose, they can even take the help of My Research Topics Experts. Here are a few types of research papers that students mostly get in the form of assignments from their professors. Help from the My Research Topics experts could be taken for writing any type of research paper like argumentative research paper on management or critical research paper on science.

Types of research paper

A research paper is a project that requires both the creativity to come up with original ideas and analysis of existing data as well as critical thinking skills. A research paper is our own thoughts and ideas but it includes our research too in it.
There are many different types of research papers, and it’s important to know which one you need. Each type has a specific preparation that needs to be done in order for the paper to be successful. Below is a list of the common types of research papers:

Argumentative/Persuasive Research Papers

Argumentative research papers are based on the principle that an argument or hypothesis is supported by the writer throughout the research paper. This could be done by developing that particular argument through examples and research on various levels. These types of research papers are mostly given to the students when they have to prove something in their research paper through multiple arguments and statements.

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Analytical Research Papers

A good analytical research paper should focus on answering a question and provide clearheaded analysis. Analytical papers are intended to be dispassionate discussions of topics, so the writer must refrain from emotion or opinion about their chosen topic in order for it to qualify as such.

An analytical research paper states the subject that the author will explore, usually in the form of questions, initially taking a neutral position. The main body of the paper will provide a wide range of information. Finally, the authors will state their conclusions based on the information presented throughout the paper. This type of essay hopes to provide a fully supported critical analysis without having to persuade the reader to accept any particular way of thinking.

Definition Research Papers

Definition research papers are relatively self-explanatory. The definition paper should strictly focus on facts and objective arguments instead of including any personal opinion. The purpose is to provide information without analyzing the data, so you can include all sorts of sources but leave them unanalyzed.

Critical Research Papers

As the name indicates it got something to do with the critical skills of the students who are writing assignments of critical research papers. All types of critical research papers need to be addressed in every aspect by giving importance to both its positive as well as negative sides. Criticism has been misunderstood by people for ages by taking it in a negative way only. But now the thinking spectrum of the people is getting broader and more and more space is being provided to the negative and positive aspects of the topic while analyzing something on critical grounds.

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Compare and Contrast Research Papers

Compare and contrast research papers are often based on comparing two works of a given field be that management, criminology, accounts, or literature. Students have to understand the gist of both the texts and then make out a conclusion based upon these two gists in their research papers. Compare and contrast research paper examples could also be considered by the students to write this sort of assignment. While writing compare and contrast research papers students can follow the guidelines given below for them by the expert research paper writers of My Research Topics.

  1. Never starts writing your thesis statement of the compare and contrast research paper without going through the complete texts.
  2. Make sure that you have noticed the important points of the texts on a rough draft to conclude your research paper in the end.
  3. Never write a compare and contrast research paper without quoting the examples from your texts that are provided to you.
  4. Remember that you have to analyze both the texts or topics and not one so make a balance between both the text in your compare and contrast research paper assignment.

By following these tips students can write a good compare and contrast research paper.

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Cause and Effect Research Papers

When an incidence is caused by the effect of certain other situations it is known as cause and effect situation. Similar is the case with cause and effect research papers where students have to go through a topic that is based on cause and effect. To write these types of research papers students have to be very much conscious about knowing the cause which is underlying the superficial situation.

Experimental Research Papers

In this research paper, you need to describe your experiment in detail. An experimental research paper is a scientific study that tests out certain hypotheses by conducting an experiment. These experiments involve manipulating variables and measuring their effects on something else, such as in biology to determine if one species can transmit a disease to another or not. In order for your data from these trials to be valid, you need high-quality evidence with supporting data and analysis so readers know they are reading about objective facts rather than mere opinions of experts–and those taking part!

Problem-Solution Research Papers

With the Problem-Solution Research Paper, you will find solutions to any problem. The paper starts with a description of the issue at hand and goes on from there–analyzing information before proposing reasonable conclusions in order to come up with possible resolutions that have been proven effective by research or personal experience.


This guide is a starting point for anyone who needs to write research papers. The type of paper you need will depend on the purpose and audience, but this article should help your search. If you are still not sure which type of paper would be best suited for your needs, contact us today! Myresearchtopics.com provides professional writing services that can assist with any project from custom essays to dissertations or even lab reports. Our team has decades of experience in various industries so we know how to take care of our clients’ needs – no matter what they may be! What type of research papers have you written?

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