Chemistry Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Nowadays, college students are more prone to get chemistry research-based assignments from their professors too often. Under such conditions managing good & interesting research topics for physical, organic, inorganic, computational, analytical, environmental chemistry becomes difficult for the students.

For example, if you are asked to write a research paper or presentation on chemical engineering then chemical engineering assignment help is required which is fresh and innovative as well. Similarly, there are so many other areas that also require research topics based on chemistry. My Research Topics professionals have provided a free list of chemistry research topics to those senior high school, undergraduates, masters  & Ph.D. students. who is in need?

Just go through this list and write your research paper on chemistry on the topic of your interest. Biology research paper topics or can also be found below in the form of biochemistry or medical research paper ideas for research topics in chemistry education.

Argumentative research topics on Organic chemistry

  1. The carbon present in the soil should be retained for a longer time to get the maximum yield of the crop from that area.
  2. Potassium-based chemical fertilizers are not harmful to growing vegetables when used in optimum quantity.
  3. It is not good to use hybrid seeds which are resistant to herbicides and pesticides.
  4. Most of the insects and weeds become resistant to the chemicals used to destroy them from the crop field within little time.
  5. It is good to use Vermi-compost manure only when the cattle are given organic fodder only.
  6. Organically grown crops can also have negative impacts on human health due to the biomagnification principle.

Free persuading research topics on Biochemistry for graduates

  1. Biotechnology can make free DNA through the replication process but cannot derive functional chromosomes out of this DNA.
  2. It is not possible for biotechnology so far to alter the genetic chromosomes of an individual in a mother’s womb to give intelligent genes.
  3. Some proteins should be added artificially in the food which can help in the digestion of meal and milk easily with age.
  4. A poor metabolic system can also be responsible for the high protein level in the body due to less absorbance and not only with a high intake of protein.
  5. We cannot put an end to the phenotypes resulted from the geographical variations of an area.
  6. Physical mutations are different from chemical mutations in the body.

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Unique topics for research on chemistry for master students

  1. We should use nuclear energy in vehicles to run them by inventing reliable and good techniques for its better use.
  2. Nuclear power can shut down the need for crude oil from Gulf countries and its imports by various nations.
  3. The light gas used in parachute balloons like helium sometimes causes dangerous effects as the light balloon gets affected by the direction of the wind.
  4. Hydrogen is the unique element in the entire periodic table which shows dual properties.
  5. Some catalysts react with the substrate and alter the final product in a chemical reaction. How to put an end to such disturbance with the chemical reactions in the lab?

Best critical research topics ideas on chemistry

  1. Why inert gases do not react with any other atom and remain stable always?
  2. What is the effect of corrosion on the metal surface and how it can be checked by subjecting the product to the corrosion-resistant chamber before supply to the customers?
  3. Different types of electrodes are used in the electrochemical cell to create a circuit.
  4. Why suspension solutions given to the infants should be shaken well before using because of their colloidal nature?
  5. What are the reasons that ammonia is used for the purpose of treating gold by taking fumes of it?
  6. How litmus solution serves a crucial role in the healing process of wounds and how many types of them are available so far easily.

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Innovative compare and contrast research topics on chemistry

  1. How catalysts are different from those of enzymes while both of them play the same function?
  2. What are the major causes of flame coloration and why it is shown by few chemicals only?
  3. The effect of hydrogen peroxide in removing the stains as compared to the bleach.
  4. How red and purple litmus solutions are different from each other in their function to heal the wounds?
  5. What are the major consequences of using different types of indicators in the same chemical process?
  6. How nitrogen fixation is different from that of carbon fixation in the soil and atmosphere?

Cause and effect research topics in chemistry for college

  1. What causes the creation of free radicals from the CFC gas emitted from the air conditioners?
  2. Why CFC is being replaced by the HFC in air conditioners and other related products?
  3. How the rising levels of free oxygen radicals in the stratosphere are dangerous for human skin?
  4. Why the process of ozone depletion and global warming can be seen with the highest impact in the Polar Regions than in the equator regions.
  5. What are the major causes behind the molecular state of some atoms and others remaining in their atomic state only?

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New topics ideas on in-organic chemistry for research to undergraduates and master students

  1. What are the reasons for the unique electronic configuration of copper in the periodic table?
  2. How we can use mineral water to treat teeth-related problems especially with the help of fluorine?
  3. Side effects of drinking mineral-containing water for a long period of time on the health of a person.
  4. Why elements in the periodic table are arranged in different blocks like S, P, D, and F blocks?
  5. What are the various types of chemical processes that are involved in the MRI scanning of vital organs of the body?

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