Political Science Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Political science deals with the governance of economic resources of a place and their distribution amongst the people strategically. It has its roots in international politics for cross-border trade and business-related strategies as well. Apart from it, there is a diverse range of areas that comes under the discipline of political science.

A list of superior quality college research paper ideas on political science is suggested here for those pursuing courses in this field. These topics are useful to write a thesis, research paper, and dissertation on political science.

All the topics are given free of cost and not even a single penny is taken for suggesting these innovative and hot topics on political science by experts. You can easily find research topics on political economy, global politics, governance, and subjects like public administration research topics along with many others in the given list.

Current topics for research on Political economy

  1. How the poor economic development of a country can be directly proportioned to the improper political actions of government towards the economy?
  2. How does the rise of industry in developing countries through foreign investment schemes and flexible business rules help in setting the strong economy of the nation?
  3. What trade rules should be adopted by the poor countries of the globe in order to maintain a proper export and import of goods?
  4. Why the government of a country should not be prejudice while the distribution of economic resources of the place or nation maximizes the economy?
  5. How does the high count of trade barriers sometimes bring down the currency rate of a country on a global scale?
  6. What steps and initiatives can be taken by the government in developed and developing countries to increase their gross domestic product?
  7. How the heavy defense budget of a nation affects the overall production of the economy in that country?
  8. What criteria should be adopted by the democratic government in the distribution of income of the country or say for that matter GDP?
  9. Why the industry-based economies of the world are more developed than the agriculture-based economies?
  10. How to increase the forex reserve of a country by good governance in cross-border politics?
  11. What are the various political theories that are given by the people so far to control economic politics effectively in a given specific area?
  12. What economic forces must be excluded from society to maintain security and avoid civil war in the nation?
  13. How a cold war gets converted into a civil war over a period of time when people do not get their rights on the financial resources aptly?
  14. What theories support the capitalist approach in economics and its drawbacks on the real grounds?
  15. How we can draw the history of political economics to study the present-day situation of different world societies?

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Free Research topics for college and university on Ethnic conflict

  1. How do political upheavals and instability lead to various ethnic conflicts among the people of society?
  2. What types of ethnic conflicts can be expected in the given society due to the poor political forces that are working in that particular area?
  3. Is it possible for the ethnic conflicts of a given area to cause severe crises in the internal stability and security of the nation?
  4. What could be the political steps taken by those who are in power to control the country or area from getting affected by the ethnic conflicts among people?
  5. Fundamental causes of ethnic conflicts that arise in a given area and the role of the politicians to suppress it.

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Fresh Research paper topics on politics and gender in society

  1. Politics of gender roles among men and women in a given society and its consequences.
  2. How gender roles are decided by society and their impact on the growth and development of that particular society?
  3. Why women are considered inferior to men in most patriarchal societies and what political forces implement these rules in that given society?
  4. Social and gender politics sometimes becomes a barrier for an individual to grow in every dimension of life.
  5. Is it crucial to define a strict line between the different genders in society for their gender roles by politicians?

Best ideas on terrorism for political science Research Topics

  1. How do political forces control terrorism in a given scenario and that is too effective?
  2. Is it true that terrorism is the symbol of poor political forces that are operating in the given region?
  3. What are the causes and poor consequences of terrorism with respect to the political structure of a given society?
  4. Unequal employment opportunities and underlying political forces are forcing the people towards terrorism.
  5. How to bring reformation in the society with the help of good political decisions and their execution on firm grounds?

Research topics for Political science assignments on Public administration

  1. What are the major areas of public administration in a country where a democratic government is working?
  2. What types of administration are required in health, education, employment, and in the food sector from the government of a country?
  3. How the public administration of a rich country differs from that of the administration of a poorly developed and underdeveloped nation?
  4. Why do various public administration strategies fail to work which are framed to create a proper order by the government?
  5. How to bring professionalism in the political administration of various sectors by the government to get the best output in the form of results.
  6. How political administration varies in different types of governments like democratic, oligocratic, aristocratic governments, etc.
  7. What are the challenges that are faced by the people involved in public administration especially in democratic nations?
  8. How government policies that are framed for a certain area of governance can be implemented through good administration?
  9. Role of bureaucrats in good public administration through the proper management system.
  10. What are the major areas of public administration in which the government often fails to set a symbol of the best administration?
  11. The major loopholes that can be seen in the field of public administration are due to incompetent bureaucracy.

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Research topics ideas on methodology in political science

  1. What role does statistical data play in making several decisions related to the political administration of the country?
  2. What types of political methodologies are adopted by the government of any country before taking trade-related decisions?
  3. How do several types of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in politics affect the democratic government and its decisions for a particular matter after research?
  4. What are the major methodologies that are used in political science by the professionals of the area?
  5. Is it crucial to collect the ground-level data and conduct surveys for knowing the exact situation before taking any action for governance?
  6. What type of political methodology should be followed to understand the loopholes of political governance and administration in a given area?
  7. Do political science methodologies are reliable for taking certain crucial decisions in a country that is full of people with different religions?
  8. What is the complete process of applying a political methodology to a given situation before framing rules for that sector or arena of polity?
  9. What are the various theories of political science that support the use of political science methodologies before every decision to know the exact ground reality?
  10. Does every politician have a fair idea about the different methodologies of political science especially in a democratic nation?

Political science research papers topics on political relations 2023

  1. How do strong political relations with neighboring countries give rise to the strong economy of the country?
  2. What actions can be taken by a good government to set the best international relations with the other countries?
  3. Can we say that strong political relations with the developed countries help developing nations to bring industrial setup?
  4. Role of comprehensive border strategies in building up good trade with the various countries of the world.
  5. How the political relations with other countries can be set up by the democratic governments to bring certain treaties and memorandum of understanding which facilitate the economic growth of the nation?
  6. How does international business increase by building up firm political relations with the other countries?
  7. What should be the agenda and strategy of the government to have a strong trade with the neighboring nations?
  8. How foreign direct investment is the best example of good political relations between developed and developing countries of the world?
  9. How agriculture-based economies and industry-based economies can complement each other through good political relations?
  10. How the good political relations or international relations of democratic countries can be build up with the nations where dictatorship is prevalent.
  11. How good financial policies of a country with the other nations give rise to strong political relations between them?

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Political science research topics for Ph.D. on Political governance

  1. What are the major rules that should be followed while governing a nation to take it towards development?
  2. Why do many governments fail to govern well over the economic and human resources of a country or place?
  3. What are the major qualities that a good democratic government must possess for the best political governance?
  4. What should be done by the government of a country to maximize the benefit of the present economic resources of the country?
  5. How the challenge of unemployment can be tackled in a country with a population explosion through limited resources by good political governance?
  6. How does a good political government always cater to the needs of its citizens by taking decisions strategically on the available resources?
  7. What are the variations that can be seen in the political governance of different sectors like health, food, transportation, trade, and communication?
  8. Is it important for a politician to learn from the experiences of others while making crucial decisions in governance?
  9. Why it is important to study the ground situations for a politician before giving a node to any rule or ordinance?

Easy political science research topics for presentation on global politics

  1. How do the rules and strategies for global politics change when it comes to setting up new trade rules and treaties with other countries?
  2. What are the different aspects of global politics that should be followed meticulously?
  3. How world peace plays a significant role in good global relations and therefore rises in the trade and harmony amongst the nations?
  4. How globalization of the English language is a boon for the development of good global relations and therefore best international politics in different countries?
  5. How the coming of science and technology affects global politics both in positive as well as negative connotation?
  6. Impact of global politics on the education sector and international business which is flourishing many times.
  7. What are the reasons behind giving Asian premium for importing petroleum by the Asian countries and how it reflects the international politics of these countries giving Asian premium to gulf nations?
  8. What are the major agendas of global or international politics which cannot be ignored by both poor and rich nations of the world?
  9. What variations are encountered by a politician while making policies for international politics and domestic governance respectively?

List of political science research topics for thesis on Peace and politics

  1. What does the role of peace play in the successful governance and polity of a country?
  2. How do economic development, cross-border trade, and international politics flourish in peaceful situations?
  3. How wars and battles lead to the state of anarchy in a country and suppress the good governance of a democratic government.
  4. The economic resources of a place undergo massive destruction if political peace and harmony get disturbed in that particular area.
  5. What strategies should be applied in effective political governance to bring peace and harmony with the neighboring countries of the world?
  6. Rise in political conflicts on the economic resources that are shared by two or more than two nations on international boundaries.
  7. What policy should be adopted by the political governors on cross-border economic resources like rivers, ports, and seas to manage peace and harmony?
  8. How crucial it is to maintain the state of peace in a democratic country and things that should be avoided to manage such a peaceful state and governance through the constitution?
  9. Reasons behind rising in the global political upheavals amongst the nations of the same continent or for that matter with different continents as well.
  10. How do international treaties and memorandums of understandings sometimes fail to suppress the destructive forces which bring war and political conflicts?
  11. How do territorial conflicts give rise to the major conflicts on the border and what could be done to handle them successfully by the politicians?

New topics for Research paper on civil war and politics

  1. How the civil war can be the eventual situation of anarchy and political upheavals in a given society?
  2. What steps could be taken on political grounds to stop a country, region, or place from getting infected from the virus of civil war?
  3. Harmful consequences of civil war for the people of a society and also on the geopolitical growth of that place.
  4. What is the main circumstance which leads to the state of civil war and destruction caused to the citizens out of it?
  5. How a good political system is required to maintain stability and peace in the area to a great extent?

Research paper topics on Politics and economic resources distribution

  1. What political forces and opinions should be there to distribute the economic resources of the area among people of society?
  2. Why it is crucial to distribute the economic resources among the people in a given area equally to avoid any civil war among the people?
  3. How do political upheavals arise in a given area when the economic conditions are resources are not managed perfectly?
  4. What should be the criteria of controlling market forces through supply and demand theory to save the people from big crises to secure basic needs?
  5. Why the equal distribution of wealth among the people cannot be done on political grounds at any cost?

Simple and unique environmental politics topics for Research paper

    1. What kind of things we can discuss under environmental politics in the real sense?
    2. How environmental politics works as a middle man between gender politics, economic politics, and ethnic conflicts in a given society?
    3. Is there any co-relation between environmental politics and economic politics when it comes to managing political forces in a given society?
    4. Why it is important to study environmental politics and what reformation can be made from this sort of area?

Simple and interesting research topics on Political psychology

  1. What roles cognitive development plays on the psychology of politicians who are having an upbringing in a family full of politicians?
  2. How the good psychological attitude of politicians is very crucial for peaceful governance over the people of a country?
  3. How the leadership quality of a leader reflects his political psychology?
  4. What role political psychology plays for politicians in order to make decisions related to international politics and business development?
  5. How a politician can get an idea about the internal conspiracies hatched by the politicians of other countries while inking down several treaties through their psychological behavior analysis.
  6. What theories of political psychology are still are considered relevant and used by the politicians for good governance, understanding the behavior of other politicians, and in setting international treaties with other nations on trade and business?
  7. How the psychological behavior of a politician is studied by the professional psychologist based on his political decisions and cognitive development in society?
  8. What role political psychology plays for the politicians to understand the psychology of their target audience to appeal to them accordingly for votes in democratic government?
  9. What are the major drawbacks of political psychology for successful political governance in a given place or country at large?
  10. Challenges that are faced in understanding political psychology in democracy and dictatorship.

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Current research topics on political science for college students

  1. How the problem of unemployment can be tackled through good political governance with limited resources?
  2. What role poverty and unemployment plays in countries with a high population for poor governance and unsuccessful implementations of political rules?
  3. Why it is crucial to have a good understanding of global language and effective communication for better international politics?
  4. How to ensure the maximum foreign investment by a developing country for the setup industry to enhance development and employment opportunities?
  5. Is it possible to adopt the policy of equal distribution of economic resources in democratic political governance to minimize the gulf of the class system?
  6. How good political governance leads to the sustainable development of the country and minimum pressure on its resources as well?
  7. How to suppress the threat to the global economy by ensuring the best economic governance by individual governments?
  8. What foreign policies should be adopted by the developing nations to increase their funding from international financial organizations like World Bank?
  9. How important it is to conduct the consumer behavior analysis before making rules of international business by the politicians of a country?
  10. How human rights can be secured in global politics in education, business, trade, and health sectors as well.
  11. What should be done to balance the trade deficit by a government? Which trade barriers must be removed for the successful export of goods under such circumstances?

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