Topic Selection for Research – Step By Step Procedure Explained

Published 16 October, 2023

Selection of topic is basically one of an important skill. It is the first step in the research process. Many times instructor provides students with a topic for writing a research paper. But sometimes the instructor wants students to select a topic of their own interest. While making the choice of the research topic you need to be very careful as it can have a significant effect on your grade. Many students select the wrong topic for writing a research paper which adversely affects their score. In this article, our professional is providing you with a complete guideline on How to select a perfect topic for a research paper?

How to select a topic for research?

The procedure of topic selection for research includes different phases these are:

Step 1. Generation of ideas

At this phase, you are required to perform surveys or online research. In addition to this, you can read newspapers, articles, etc. All these activities will assist you in the identification of the issues and also help you in the development of ideas about the topic for conducting an Investigation.

Another technique that you can apply for the topic selection for research is Brainstorming, creation of idea maps, etc. Other strategies that can be applied for the generation of ideas related to the research topic are observation, online survey, discussion with friends and family members, analysis of existing research, etc. The sources of the idea related to the subject or topic of research are personal experience, analysis of theories, literature, media, etc.

Step 2. Identification of own interest

It is very much important for you to become aware of the field in which you are interested. Then after that, you can select one or two topics and collect the background information about the same.

Step 3. Checking the requirement

It is a phase where you are required to develop an understanding of the academic or practical requirements. This technique will help you in determining the scope of the topic that could be selected for performing research. Word count and deadline of completion of the investigation which you need to consider while topic selection for research.

Step 4. Selecting a wide field for research

After the collection of background information about the two or three fields which you have selected you are required to select the one. While making the choice for the topic of research you are required to first ensure that the topic which you have selected is relevant to the issue which has been chosen for investigation. It is always advisable to make the choice of such topics or subjects about which you are already familiar.

Another piece of advice is that you should select that topic for research on which investigation has not been conducted by another researcher. A specific technique will help you in justifying the relevance of your work.

Step 5. Analyzing the books and articles

by reading books and articles you are required to identify the issues related to your field. It is the strategy that will help you in the identification of the sources from where you can collect the information about the topic or subject selected for performing an investigation.

Step 6. Determining the relevance of the topic chosen

It is very much important for you to check and confirm the relevancy of the topic which has been selected. As if the topic which you have select is not relevant then it would be a waste of time, money and resources.

An important consideration for topic selection for research

Topic selection for research requires critical and innovative thinking as it is a very much difficult task to perform. There are certain factors that need to consider while selecting the topic for research these are:

  • Firstly, while making the choice of topic you need to address the field you are interested in.
  • Secondly, when selecting the subject or topic you need to consider the expectation and requirements of your tutor.
  • You also require to consider the types of research you want to perform.
  • You also need to ensure that the topic chosen for research has social or academic relevance.
  • While choosing the topic you should make sure that information or data about the same is easily available.
  • Time and resources are the other two important elements that you need to consider while making a choice of topic for investigation.

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