Eating Disorder Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Research paper topics on eating disorders are given here by the My Research Topics to graduates. With this list of science research paper topics for college, you can complete your paper on time. It is very difficult to find research topics on such a narrow subject for college students. That is why free help in the research topic provided here can be helpful for the students. You can write a good research paper on any of the topics as all of them are new and relevant to the subject. So try to modify the given list as per the types of research papers you are assigned by your professor to make it more suitable for you.

Research paper topics on the effect of eating disorders on brain

  1. How a human brain is not tolerable to the food that is taken out of a normal routine?
  2. Why eating disorders are affecting the neuron cells with high adversity in people who do not take their food on time?
  3. Can we relate the technology-driven life as a big cause of eating disorders that destroy the mental health of a person?
  4. The secretion of hormones and enzymes activating substances from the pituitary gland is not initiated in the eating disorder situation.
  5. How gluten can affect the human brain in case the body is allergic to the gluten substance?

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Topics for research on eating disorders and psychology

  1. Effect of the eating disorder on the psychology of a person and how it can cause mental ailment?
  2. Why social behavior and many psychological diseases are backed by poor eating habits in a human being?
  3. Can we say that depression and anxiety are the end result of your bad eating habits?
  4. How late-night parties and consumption of alcohol can damage the psychological thinking of a person to the core?
  5. What should be done to improve the eating habit of a person with the help of clinical psychology?

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Research topics for the effect of eating disorders on heart

  1. How the cardiovascular system is affected the most by having irregular food sessions?
  2. Relation between the circulation of nutrients in the blood and bad eating habits to the ailment of the heart along with blood vessels.
  3. Can we improve the eating disorder and its severe effect by improving our lifestyle in just one week?
  4. How long we should continue with healthy food and on-time meals to revive from the damage and destruction caused to the circulatory system by eating disorders?
  5. Different types of researches that are going on the eating disorder with relation to heart and associated diseases.

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Topics for research on eating disorders and sexual orientation

  1. Can we say that the sexual orientation and behavior of a person are also affected by eating disorders?
  2. What is the effect of eating disorders on the reproductive system of women?
  3. What types of sexual behavioral changes in the orientation of an individual can be seen through poor food habits?
  4. The major cause that leads to the bad habits of eating in a human being can we relate it to the sexual orientation in any aspect?
  5. What could be done to make a person improve his eating habits without letting him go for any type of allopathic treatment from the doctors?
  6. At what stage we cannot reverse the damage caused by the eating disorder on a human body?

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