Developmental Psychology Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Best developmental psychology research topics:

  1. Prejudice and discrimination.
  2. How psychological development can be used to handle bullying?
  3. Child abuse prevention and treatment.
  4. The changes in the short-term memory of a person with age.
  5. Society and instant gratification.
  6. Some surprising facts about the right brain and left brain. Make a comparative study.
  7. Explain social cognition.
  8. Relationship between fundamental ways of parenting with developmental psychological research.
  9. How to build a better future?
  10. Explain four different stages of intellectual growth.
  11. Childhood trauma and impact on adults mental health.
  12. Social media and social development.
  13. Is women’s vulnerability the sign of their weakness? How mental strength plays a more important role in determining strength?
  14. How did attitude develop in a person?
  15. The role of media in facilitating violence.
  16. Developmental psychology and aging.

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Interesting developmental psychology research topics:

  1. The impact of eating breakfast on the school performance of a child.
  2. Children in a non-traditional family.
  3. How theoretical Psychological studies are different from Practical Psychological studies?
  4. Social control and cults.
  5. The psychological reasons for the existence of the aging process.
  6. Effect of family psychology on society.
  7. The comparison between the emotional development of infants and adolescents.
  8. Technology and physical development.
  9. How emotional turmoil of rape victims can be treated?
  10. Persuasion, propaganda, and marketing.
  11. The factors that are responsible for increasing child abuse.
  12. Research on early childhood development.
  13. Does a tangible reward such as candy work better for reinforcement when getting children to complete their homework than does praise?
  14. Religion and moral development.
  15. How memory can be enhanced in an easy way?

Latest developmental psychology research topics:

  1. Attraction, romance, and love.
  2. The factors causing violence in children.
  3. Child psychology and psychiatry.
  4. How a kid develop their fears and how does that fear spread into other aspects of their life as they grow older?
  5. Exposure to violence and children’s security.
  6. Determinants of psychological illness in adolescents. What therapies effectively treat their physical and mental development?
  7. Borderline personality disorder.
  8. What are the possible reasons for psychopathic behavior in youth?
  9. Child abuse and negligence.
  10. Explain the relation between birth order and the likeliness to procrastinate.
  11. Discipline at school and self-discipline.
  12. How IQ is different from EQ? What are their roles and which is more important?
  13. Antisocial personality disorder.
  14. Connection of gender roles with modern society.
  15. World association for infant mental health.

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Developmental psychology research topics for high school students:

  1. Are Piaget’s stages of concrete operation describing when children start using logic and reasoning still valid?
  2. Sex in the media and sexual development.
  3. The science behind the family rituals. Is it psychological or holds some significance in scientific terms.
  4. Media violence and children.
  5. The factors that are responsible for learning languages and language learning capabilities.
  6. Society for research in child development.
  7. Extended family and social development.
  8. How children’s psychology can be changed? How parents can understand their emotions and groom their personalities?
  9. Aspects of the aging process.
  10. Adult development and aging.
  11. The factors affecting language in children between the age group of 9 months to 33 years old.
  12. Emigration and cultural development.
  13. How do family rituals affect the mindset of people? How stringent rituals hampers the family environment?
  14. National Institute on aging.

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Developmental psychology research topics for college/ university students:

  1. Discuss the relationship between self-efficacy and memory.
  2. How emotional bonding affects human behavior?
  3. Dyslexia screening test.
  4. The factors that are responsible to impact the brain development of a baby during gestation.
  5. Early entry of toddlers should be banned in schools.
  6. Why the younger people blame internal variables for their behavior whereas older people blame external variables for their behavior?
  7. The impact of society, profession, and environment on an individual
  8. Adolescent depression and its effect on their mental and physical health.
  9. Too much pressure affects physical and mental development.
  10. The role of word games and mental activities in retaining older people their cognitive abilities longer?
  11. How do surroundings affect a depressed patient?
  12. What is a seasonal affective disorder?
  13. Different types of phobias. What are the ways to treat them? Role of science with a period of time.
  14. Why criminals are involving children in crimes? How it impacts society?

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