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Published 16 October, 2023

Medical practices and disease both are taking giant shape in the current lifestyle which is the root cause of multiple numbers of diseases that are life-threatening. Long way researches are going on by the capable researchers of medical science to come up with the best remedies and treatments for fighting these serious diseases.

Even those who are doing master’s and graduates courses in medical science are also asked to write research papers on various diseases. That is why free research topics on diseases are suggested by the expert of this field by My Research Topics. By referring to these topics you can take a serious note on the research of almost every major disease that requires to be extinguished through new researches.

If you are choosing a topic from the following list for your research papers which are based on cancer, heart failure, brain stroke, and organ transplantation along with other major diseases then a research paper outline for medical assignments can be prepared by the students. In case you are not finding it suitable to write your own research paper on various medical diseases in the human body then ask the professional writers of My Research Topics to make my research paper introduction or thesis statement anytime.

Research Topics on Oncology

The growth of various types of tumors in the human body is like a trend in modern times as every third person is struggling through the tumor in one or another part of the body. An oncologist is putting their hard efforts to find suitable solutions to deal with these tumors with research. There are few topics for research on oncology that are suggested by the experts to those who are writing a research paper on it. Research paper writing help graduates in the form of topics that can be availed from MyResearchTopics.Com.

  1. How the growth of leukemia can be checked if detected on time?
  2. What are the possibilities of finding solutions to get a relevant test on blood cancer?
  3. Are there any natural means through which cancerous cells can be removed without radiotherapy and chemotherapy?
  4. How technology can impart a big role in the detection of growing tumors at their early?
  5. Is it possible to save a life from cancer once gone through radiotherapy in the initial stages? Cite example if not.

Cardiology Research Topics

Cardiology which symbolizes the study of heart diseases and other aspects associated with it is taking a reckless speed due to a heavy increase in the rate of heart failure in modern times. That is why cardiology research topics are listed below to carry out research on the issue. Those who are pursuing medical science courses can take this help in research paper topics on cardiology from the My Research Topics for free of cost.

  1. How cardiac arrests can be managed by their early detection?
  2. How far blood-thinning drugs like aspirin are efficient to reduce the risk of death in heart attacks?
  3. Is there any possibility to discover a drug in the coming 2 years that can substitute aspirin which is allergic to many people?
  4. Major lifestyle changes are needed for minimizing the risk of heart attacks.
  5. The latest researches that can effectively control the rate of death occur through a heart attack.

Research Paper Topics on Organ Transplantation

Here are a few research paper topics on organ transplantation that can be taken up by the graduates and postgraduates to write the best quality assignments. Even My Research Topics is giving editing and proofreading services in research papers also to the graduates in their medical science assignments. So apart from these research paper topics on medical science, you can approach this help also.

  1. What could be done to remove the incompatibility of organ transplantation which is a major issue in modern times?
  2. How to achieve full success in organ transplantation and which are the difficulties confronted as obstacles in achieving goals?
  3. How it could be possible to transplant multiple organs in a single human body?
  4. Which organs of the human body are still transplanted at the highest risk and what types of research are needed to do something in this case?
  5. Highest improvements that are needed in the procedure of organ transplantation in the existing one which is not giving successful results in every case.

Research Topics on Psychological Disorders

Get the free research paper topics on psychology from the lucrative writers of My Research Topics. You will be able to finish a good piece of research work on psychology by writing your paper on the following topics.

  1. How ADHD disease is the cause of the major accident with kids and what could be done to stop such things?
  2. Why mental growth is responsible for the development of good psychology in children which helps them to live a balanced life?
  3. Is it possible to override Alzheimer’s syndrome by having successful research and treatment for the disease?
  4. What could be the root cause of various psychological disorders that are found in children and adults of multiple age groups?
  5. Contribution of medical equipment that helps in the early detection of the psychological disorder and improvement needed in them.

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Topics for Research on Brain Stroke

The increasing ratio of brain stroke to other diseases makes sense that there must be some authentic research on the diseases. The research work that could be done on the topics is given in the list below which can be picked up anytime.

  1. How excessive stress and blood clots can lead to brain strokes in a human being?
  2. Can a brain tumor becomes the reason for sudden brain strokes or it is only due to clotting and strain on neurons?
  3. How far doctors and researchers have been successful in removing brain tumors which are life-threatening of course?
  4. Types of medical treatment that can be helpful for dealing with brain stroke to maximum height.
  5. What types of research work is being done in the present time to resist the growth of brain tumors and to ensure their early detection in the human nervous system?

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Research Topics on Diabetes

Carry out your research for writing a research paper on the problems and concerns of diabetes by picking up a topic from the given list below. You will be able to submit the best research paper on time to the professors by taking the research paper writing services along with a topic suggestion from My Research Topics.

  1. What is the cause behind not producing insulin hormone by the beta cells of the pancreases?
  2. Is there could be a permanent solution for replacing the un-functional pancreas through organ transplantation?
  3. Why our body is not capable of absorbing the insulin hormone sometimes in exceptional cases that are secreted by the pancreas to balance the blood sugar level?
  4. What is a long-term remedy for dealing with diabetes effectively without tablets and changing lifestyle for eating habits?
  5. How the rate of diabetic patients is increasing surplus in developing countries in current scenarios?

So these are the topics on various diseases that could serve your purpose of doing research and writing a research paper on time.

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