Quantitative Research Topics & Ideas 2023


Quantitative Research Paper Ideas

Before Discussing About list of Quantitative Research Ideas, First Of All, We need to know about Quantitative Research.

Quantitative research refers to the systematic experimental study of the conspicuous phenomenon. Quantitative research can be either of these three types :

  1. Mathematical
  2. Statistical
  3. Computational technique

Looking For Custom Research Topics & Ideas

The quantitative research paper aims at collecting data from a particular group of data. The next step is to generalize the collected data to a wide range of people to describe the process. Quantitative research is necessary to attain a particular objective.

Organizing a survey is the best approach to attain quantitative research. Opting to write a quantitative research paper is easy but going for the right topic selection for research is difficult. So here we are giving you the list of essential quantitative research topic ideas prepared by our essay helpers for the nursing, stem, ABM, gas, hums & senior high school students that need to be focused on.

Quantitative Research Topic List

Here, we are providing a list of Quantitative Research Topics.

  1. Is there any advantage to the author for using metaphors and similes?
  2. Who is more responsive to beer ads: men or women?
  3. List some nonexperimental research methodologies related to psychology.
  4. Push-ups and human health.
  5. The basic uses of imagery in a novel.
  6. Can put certain chemicals in frog ponds increase the bodyweight of frogs?
  7. The significance of ethics in psychological research.
  8. What is the relationship between children’s nutrition and their cognitive development?
  9. Are mobile phones somehow responsible for psychological disorders?
  10. How can we relate urbanization with economic growth?

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Ideas for Quantitative Research Project

  1. Discuss the significance of SEO (Search engine optimization).
  2. What is the link between educational achievement and economic status?
  3. The factors that are responsible for animal behavior.
  4. Differentiate trends, perceptions, and beliefs.
  5. Role of computer technology in airport security.
  6. Parental involvement and academic achievement.
  7. The relationship between eyewitness testimony and memory.
  8. The effect of video game playing on academic performance at a community college.
  9. Discuss the functioning of the GPS system.
  10. Cyberbullying in high schools.

Good Quantitative Research Topics

  1. How do you see an attention deficit syndrome? A myth or a reality
  2. The effect of mobile phone usage on student learning.
  3. Step by step guide to using email.
  4. How often do you buy mobile phones for fitness purposes?
  5. Relationship between eyewitness testimony and memory.
  6. How much would you be willing to pay for a men’s lifestyle magazine?
  7. Discuss the significance of self-defending networks.
  8. How regularly do you go abroad for a holiday?
  9. The effect of artificial intelligence on the planet in the near future.
  10. Difference between daily calorie intake between men and women in the United States.

Quantitative Project Ideas

    1. The importance of online grammar checkers and plagiarism detectors to make your writings flawless.
    2. The attitude of adults and older people towards online banking.
    3. What is the appearance of stereotypes in society?
    4. How can you relate job satisfaction with salary?
    5. Discuss the significance of self-defending networks.
    6. Discuss the do’s and don’ts of business networking.
    7. Cybercrimes and people’s life.
    8. The best tips to present your business ideas.
    9. What are the risks associated with confidential data storage?
    10. What is the best method to collect quantitative data?
    11. The impact of the up-gradation of technologies on relationships.
    12. What is a SWOT analysis?
    13. Which one is safer: MACS or windows computer?
    14. 6 useful market intelligence studies for decision-makers
    15. Discuss the components of modern sex education.
    16. What is a new product development process?
    17. Why are Google apps the best to use?
    18. Does your business need a market exit strategy in place?
    19. The reason for the increase in sexually transmitted diseases.
    20. Effective sampling techniques for market research.
    21. Methods used or the measurement of universal intelligence.
    22. The tips for preventing your business ideas.

  1. Can we see monkeys as a career for AIDS?
  2. Effective sampling techniques for market research.
  3. What do you understand by multiple access protocol control?
  4. Basic research methods for business start-ups.
  5. Is safe sex the best way to control the risk of STDs-Agree or disagree?
  6. Guide to YouTube for business start-ups.
  7. Martin Luther King’s protest against the Catholic Church
  8. How to become a successful entrepreneur?
  9. Are women below 18 are allowed for abortions?
  10. How to avoid business planning mistakes?
  11. Consequences of women’s suffrage movements.
  12. Definition of a minimum viable product.
  13. How to develop a market positioning strategy?
  14. What do you understand by liberalism?
  15. How to identify market trends for long-term business planning?
  16. Gambling as an addiction.
  17. How to start a business from scratch?
  18. The best military strategy of all time.
  19. Difference between primary market research and secondary market research.
  20. Changes in flu virus over the years.
  21. Definition of an entrepreneur.
  22. Green revolution and its history.
  23. Advantages of market segmentation.
  24. Improvement in medical services over the years.
  25. What is market research?
  26. Impact of the different monetary systems.
  27. The importance of market research for new businesses.
  28. The reasons for the changes in consumer behavior.
  29. The need for market research for small businesses.
  30. Relationship between Greek culture and Roman culture.
  31. A beginner’s guide to trademark infringement.
  32. What do you understand by copyright?

Quantitative Research Topics for Nursing Students

  1. Sleep disorders and health conditions of women.
  2. Difference between the Great Depression and Recession.
  3. The most dangerous dissociative disorder.
  4. Obesity in Children:
  5. Covid 19 & Safety of Health workers
  6. infant injury during delivery

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Other Topics Ideas

    1. The method to copyright a song.
    2. Why is the charity of the company’s assets essential?
    3. How to trademark a business name?
    4. Old & rigid corporate traditions that save popular companies
    5. What are the reasons for copyright protection?
    6. What are intellectual property rights?
    7. Benefits and disadvantages of outsourcing services.
    8. What are registered designs?
    9. What are the effects of global warming on a business?
    10. What do you understand by patent pending?
    11. Franchising v/s entrepreneurship.
    12. What is my automatic design right?
    13. Landline telephone calls are made between millennial adults and older people.
    14. Difference between expectations and reality.
    15. Relationship between disposable income and location amongst young adults.
    16. What is a patent?
    17. List the advantages of small businesses.

  1. What is a trademark?
  2. A critical study on the effectiveness of different managerial techniques.
  3. What is intellectual property?
  4. List the ingredients of a hot dog.
  5. What is the difference between unregistered design rights and design registration?
  6. The process of making a music video.
  7. What is the need for the protection of your intellectual property?
  8. Benefits and disadvantages of social security reform.
  9. Our children’s programming and its commercial usage legal?
  10. How to minimize radioactive waste?
  11. Factors motivating society for sexual harassment.
  12. The effect of the three-strikes law on the community.
  13. Factors defining police brutality.
  14. Discuss the preventive measures against racial bullying.
  15. Smoking should be banned for better mental health.

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