Nursing Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

The fresh and new list of nursing research paper topics for 2018, 2019 is given by the My Research Topics experts below. Just follow this list to search for a topic for a research paper to write your college and university assignments. The free community, quantitative, evidence-based, medical-surgical, etc nursing topics for research provided here are going to help you in doing easy research. There are many undergraduates who fail to come up with a relevant research topic and under such circumstances, free research paper topics help work very well for college students.

So those who fail to come up with good and new topics for a college research paper can follow this list easily. From persuasive research papers to argumentative and exploratory papers can be written by picking any topic from the given list. So do not ignore topic selection for research for your college and university research paper writing from the professionally suggested list. You can write a research proposal on these research topics as well.

Community Nursing topics for Medical, Bsc  & Msc Nursing Students

  1. Nutrition security
  2. Public Health Services
  3. Family planning services
  4. High talented & low talented nurses.
  5. Self-harm & suicide.

Evidence-Based Nursing research topics

  1. Haemophilia
  2. Vitamin-k antagonist therapy
  3. Neurogenic bowel dysfunction
  4. Drug interactions
  5. Premature death after self-harm

Medical-Surgical Nursing research topics

  1. Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery.
  2. Interpretive exercise in improving interpretive ability.
  3. Lower abdominal surgery under spinal anesthesia
  4. Nosocomial infection

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New and trending research topics on nursing ethics

  1. Why do nurses have to follow their nursing ethics while discharging their professional duties?
  2. What are the major nursing ethics that cannot be ignored at any cost by a nurse?
  3. Nurses are not subjected to legal nursing ethics then why do they follow them even in extreme situations?
  4. Consequences on the health and psychology of the patient when a nurse is not following good nursing ethics in her duty.
  5. Which are the major drawbacks in the nursing profession in relation to the ethics of a nursing career?
  6. What are the major steps taken by the government to suppress the dominance of nursing ethics on the nurses?

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Best research topics ideas for social responsibility in nursing

  1. What are the major social responsibilities of nurses towards the society in which they are living?
  2. Why doctors and senior surgeons are not given social responsibility in the medical profession?
  3. How do nurses play a significant role in treating patients who are not able to spend money on their health treatment?
  4. What are the major drawbacks of nursing social responsibility and how to overcome them in order to work in a real sense for social welfare?
  5. Is it possible to control the disease from spreading with the help of public awareness by nurses through nursing social responsibility?
  6. Why a nurse is supposed to maintain a balance between her social responsibility and professional duty towards her patients?

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Trending research topics for graduates on the rights of nurses

  1. What are the major human rights that nurses are bestowed by the law in order to protect them from the unfair practice of nursing ethics?
  2. Why do the needs of giving particular human rights to nurses arise in the profession and not to doctors?
  3. What if a nurse falls into a situation when she has to drop her human rights in order to save the life of her patient?
  4. How do doctors sometimes force nurses to give primary importance to their orders by ignoring human rights to behave like that of professionals?
  5. How personal life of nurses gets compromised by giving back to back duty on regular intervals by the nurses?

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Free nursing research paper topics on healthcare management

  1. Is it possible for a nurse to play a dual role as a healthcare manager and a nurse simultaneously?
  2. What are the major areas in healthcare management that must be given attention by the management team?
  3. How poor healthcare management can lead to the crumbling of the entire hospital within a few days?
  4. What type of infrastructure management is required in the healthcare sector by the management team?
  5. How to handle healthcare management with perfection by having the best communication skills?

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Research paper topics on the autonomy of nurses in their profession

  1. Why it is crucial for professional nurses to practice their autonomy regarding taking a decision for the patients?
  2. What are the troubles experienced by the nurses despite rules favoring them to set their free will to take the relevant decision regarding their profession?
  3. What type of autonomy is required by the nurses to play their role without any hindrance in nursing practice?
  4. Is it possible to have free will for nurses while treating patients out of nursing social responsibility?
  5. Why nursing autonomy is important for nurses to protect their rights from the doctors effectively?

Best topics for research paper on nursing research

  1. Which are the major areas in which the latest research is being performed for nursing?
  2. How we can come up with the relevant treatment of patients suffering from cancer with the help of research?
  3. What types of new methods are in practice for the dressing of patients who are bleeding excessively due to heavy injury?
  4. What could be done to save a person from snakebite in an area where you do not have a first aid box?
  5. How a professional nurse can save a patient from the injury caused by stabbing a knife in the stomach in the interior area without any resources?

Unique research paper topics ideas on the role of education in nursing

  1. What is the importance of education in nursing careers throughout the world?
  2. How do the theoretical and practical studies in nursing vary to a great extent?
  3. What are the challenges confronted by the nursing students while working on the real profession in hospital as compared to the classes?
  4. Is it important to attend every practical class for nursing students than theory class to become a successful nurse in their real professional job?
  5. Why knowledge of the psychological behavior of patients is important to understand for a nurse before proceeding to give treatment to the patient?

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