Visual Art Paper Presentation Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Art is such a miraculous thing that touches every life directly or indirectly because our emotions, behavior, happiness many times can be seen connected to art. There could be a different medium of art through which it is represented by the artist like poetry, plays, theatre, cinematography, architecture, and paintings as well.

Doing research on the art is very difficult as it comes right from the heart of the artist and not from research but still to make it a tool for bringing reformation in the social research is also important. It can be utilized as a weapon to satire on social evils as well. So research paper topics on Art are given below that pertain to multiple areas of art.

All the topics are very much efficient to reflect on the issues, importance, and types of art forms. You can write the best quality research paper by taking the research paper outline help on the topics given below from My Research Topics anytime.

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Research Paper Topics on Architectural Art

Architectural art represents a major part of the art form from ancient to modern times. There can be seen a lot of development in this art form with time and topics on this art for the research paper are given here in the form of research paper writing services to College and University graduates by experts.

  1. What were the main inspirations that used to be followed in the medieval architecture firms by the architecture?
  2. How medieval literature shows the development of opera houses as a major art form of architecture?
  3. How ancient gothic architecture is inspired by the concept of supernaturalism to a huge extent?
  4. What are the major architectures that are the live example of the social economic and political status of the middle ages?
  5. How the architecture of ancient times shows the administration and lifestyle of the people from different classes of society?

Topics for Research Paper on Literary Art

Research paper topics on the literary art form to the students of University are given below in the list by My Research Topics. Get a topic from the following list and write the best quality research paper on the literary art form.

  1. Why the renaissance of English literature is considered the golden period for literary art?
  2. Which were the reasons for the expansion of cultural, literary, and art forms during the period of Shakespeare in Britain history?
  3. What are the major emotions and political conditions are depicted by one of the great writers of the renaissance period Shakespeare in his literary art?
  4. How literary art is effective to bring changes in society by targeting the common people?
  5. How literature art was the main weapon to criticize the political and social injustice in the neoclassical period of literary art?

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Research Paper Topics on the Art of Poetry

Research paper writing help graduates in the form of topics for research on poetry are available from anytime. So try to grab this help from experienced and top-rated writers for free of cost.

  1. How did poetry use to be the largest platform of reflecting ideas and opinions in the renaissance period?
  2. What types of poetry art is prevalent in the modern period of time used by the poet to give words for their imagination?
  3. How poetic art form has developed from the ancient to middle and contemporary ages with following the same content?
  4. What are the main fundamentals of poetic art that differ from one age to another?
  5. Is it apt to say that verses are replaced by prose in the contemporary period of time in regards to poetic art?
  6. What literary devices are used to make poetry more relevant and interesting for the readers?

The topic on the Medieval Theatre Art for research Paper

The theatre which is the largest part of life for human beings especially in the renaissance period of English literature is the best subject on which students are assigned for the assignments by professors.

so if you have not taken the research paper introduction help from the ghostwriters so far then the following unique topics can give you a chance to write something new by picking a topic from the list given here.

  1. How theatre is developed in the renaissance period and why it becomes the main place of social gatherings until the coffee house came into existence?
  2. What was the unity of time which is the most important part of the theatre at that time?
  3. Why Flat characters were not developed by medieval dramatists like Shakespeare in these plays?
  4. Role of clown and fools in the theatre art to perform slapstick comedy in middle ages and renaissance.
  5. What was the reason behind the flourishing of theatrical art suddenly in Europe across the length and breadth?

Research paper topics on Art Painting

The craze of the painting art form is not extinct even in the modern period of time where we have a lot of professional cameras and other equipment. It is the most reverend form of art indeed which is highly admired by one and all in the modern time. You can complete your research paper on art by taking different topics from the following collection suggested by the My Research Topics.

  1. Different paintings art form those were prevalent in the ancient time when Mona-Lisa painting came into existence?
  2. What are the main features of paintings art in the Victorian period of time when many paintings were made ironically to satire the system of the age?
  3. How do paintings represent the culture, socio-political and economic situations of a period by depicting everything very carefully in their art forms?
  4. What types of colors are mostly preferred for the best quality painting and how do they differ from oil paints?
  5. Advancement in the painting art from ancient to contemporary time with reasons behind it.

Topics for Research on Photography Art

Ask the experienced assignments helpers of My Research Topics to make my research paper help by suggesting the best topic. You can grab the given topics here on photography art which is the most lucrative art in the modern time of cinematography.

  1. How paintings are being substituted by photography in a modern time period and why?
  2. What are the fundamentals of becoming a professional photographer to make your photography universal of time?
  3. What are the different areas of photography and the difficulties faced by photographers in them?
  4. Hoe cinematography and photography both go hand in hand in the twenty-first-century world where movies are an inseparable part of life?
  5. Out of painting and photography which is more authentic and relevant in concern to an art form with popularity?

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