Euthanasia Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

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Thesis Statement

There have been many instances of Euthanasia which forced human beings on social and security grounds to go on slaying innocent people for the good cause.

Anti-Thesis Statement

Although euthanasia is a major problem it could be dealt with by the intelligent minds of society come out of it.


Euthanasia is a situation when people kill or murder someone for the sake of a good purpose so that the suffering of that person could be minimized. Today there are many areas in which this technique is being used by the masses to help people in lowering down their troubles. Some consider this as good but others are not in favor of practicing euthanasia by equating it with suicide.

Well, we cannot generalize the statement on the grounds of one or two people’s statements about this topic. Certain research and arguments need to be given to cope up with such sensible situations. Here are some facts that will throw light upon the positive and negative aspects of euthanasia along with suitable examples. So go through them to understand a complete concept of euthanasia before making a perspective on it.


Here are certain arguments that will help you to get through the situation thoroughly. It gives a deep understanding of the use of euthanasia in different situations and their cause along with the results associated with it. If you are assigned with a research paper on euthanasia make sure that your research paper deals with the following aspects of the topic to cover all the issues associated with it.

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Importance of Euthanasia in different Areas

There are certain stages in human life that force them to involve in the pursuit of euthanasia. These stages are described in the following points for the better clarity of people and students. So grab the idea and write a good research paper that is assigned to you by the professors in Colleges and Universities.

  1. Euthanasia is important at the security level of the nation; there are many people who are in the intelligence wing of the nations serving in different countries to provide secret information regarding the conspiracies hatched by the enemy nations. But sometimes out of their misfortune, these people are caught by the hand of the enemy nation who torture them to the core. In order to save such torture, the head of the intelligence branch gives orders many times to shot their team member dead that are trapped on the hand of enemies.
  2. Other situations arise on social grounds where excessive violence to a person, be that a man or woman or it might be a case of a child happens in a family. This type of euthanasia is also considered when there occurs a situation to save someone from disgrace on social grounds.
  3. Economic and political situations are other examples where we can have glimpses of euthanasia every other day. People have to kills their families under the pressure of financial situations where children are dying of hunger for days and days.

Drawbacks caused by Euthanasia

The cause behind euthanasia is generous but still, we cannot consider it good for the people who are becoming the victim of these situations. It could be a bad phase of life that can improve with time and might it be possible to have a good time as well. To cap it all euthanasia is performed by the people having pessimism in their life and we should not support such ideologies at any cost as they can engulf our societies within no time along with our values.

Euthanasia on Socio-Economic Grounds

Socio-economic conditions of the people of a particular society as described above also push the people towards their poor situations of committing these types of work. So we should also give a thought to preventing such situations in society to save the lives of people.


The above arguments show that euthanasia is a situation that people find hard to deal with owing to many opposite forces working in their surroundings. So it is very important to deal with this issue intelligently so that we can save the lives of common people who are pushed into such situations due to the financial crisis in their life. It could be done by taking certain good decisions by the intelligentsia of society.

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