Why is it crucial for teachers to learn about human growth and development?

Published 16 October, 2023

Human growth and development are crucial factors contributing to behavioral management. As a child grows through various stages of life, they approach development in various ways. The healthcare courses are crucial for the students as they give a background in human growth and development from before birth to adulthood and then death. The teachers must know how to best socialize the students. An understanding of the basic development stages is useful to tackle the teacher’s lesson plans to maximize the student’s success in both educational and social dominions of their lives.

Why should teachers get training in human growth and development?

Teachers play such a huge role in the growth and development of students. They’re responsible for ensuring an adequate learning environment, which is crucial to student success. A good teacher guides their students through knowledge acquisition and prevents problems from arising by offering guidance on human development as well.

  • Learn more about children: Whether a teacher has a wide experience or is new to a teaching career, studying human development can help to understand children. The educators will get a better insight into how the students think, feel, behave, and learn.
  • Make better interaction with students: Studying human growth enhances an individual’s ability to interact with class students effectively. It helps teachers to better understand the stages of development so that they can feel calmer while playing, talking, and teaching students.
  • A deeper understanding of children’s disabilities: It is one of the crucial reasons to train the teachers in human development so that they gain a better understanding of what’s normal. The teachers can identify problems with social, cognitive, and emotional development in early childhood.

Why is it necessary for a teacher to understand human development and growth?

To best address the needs of students, both collectively and individually, it is critical for a teacher to comprehend human growth and development. Teachers are better positioned to make appropriate educational choices if they understand typical patterns of growth and development. They’re also better at identifying students who don’t follow standard developmental patterns and assisting them in acquiring the necessary educational support to help them succeed.

What is the importance of understanding human growth and development in the classroom?

Development is a complex process due to learning more about how children socially, physically, cognitively, and emotionally. The teachers pursuing careers in medical studies focus on human growth and development over the lifespan.

  • They can acknowledge how every individual deals with their intellectual, emotional, and physical needs.
  • When a teacher is aware of the human development concept and its philosophy, they can use it while making assessments about the children’s behavior in the classroom.
  • The stage when the students start going to middle school is the time when their surroundings can affect their behavior and overall development.
  • If the educator is not familiar with the concept of promoting childhood development then they would lack in creating a positive environment for the students.
  • It becomes essential for teachers to get proper training and learn the importance of human growth and development.

The knowledge of human growth and development helps teachers to provide appropriate help for students with developmental problems. By understanding the different stages that a student’s life goes through, educators can more efficiently develop each learner to achieve their full potential.

What problems arise due to a lack of understanding of human growth and development?

The courses under development psychology are often mandatory for many Irish colleges and universities including those going into nursing and education. Whether an educator wants to take only one course or dedicate their entire education to studying the topic, there are several reasons to learn more about human growth and development:

  • Teachers who do not understand the role of human development in classroom behaviour often get frustrated with their working lives. It may be due to the incapability of approaching or maintaining a suitable environment in the classroom. As a result, the balance between student and teacher’s efforts gets disturbed which creates a messy classroom environment.
  • The educators who fail to understand the various development stages of their students often face difficulties while supporting students with special needs. Without having an understanding of why a student with a disability is different from other students, educators may feel that the student is in some trouble.

Teachers’ Development-Promoting Behaviors:

During school times, the child undergoes continually fluctuating emotions that they can feel with high intensity. The changes are visible during the second stage of middle school development when the students are trying to figure out their sense of self. In that critical circumstance, teachers can contribute to the social and emotional well-being of the students.

Throughout the middle school days, it becomes crucial for the teachers to set critical boundaries for the welfare of students. It helps the students to better accomplish their goals while focusing on educational targets. Let’s take a deeper look at the middle school example to show how critical it is for teachers to understand the developmental concerns that arise at this time.

  • Student Thoughts: Educators must teach children some essential thinking abilities throughout the first stage of middle school growth. To begin with, this is a time when children can master reading and math skills, therefore educators should focus on ensuring that each child exercises critical thinking skills in these areas. This can be accomplished by mixing reading and math in to each subject taught in the classroom, giving students a well-rounded view of how these skills apply to all aspects of life.
  • Student Achievement: Because all of these stages of middle school development are linked to the strength of a child’s developing ego, teachers must help students feel successful in the classroom. Children require reinforcement that they are doing well in class to build a sense of industry in the first stage. Teachers can encourage this by establishing small, quantifiable goals for their classroom as a whole and their pupils individually. Teachers can reinforce performance in the classroom through charts displaying accomplishments or awards for achieving certain targets.
  • Social and Emotional Health of Students: Middle school is a time when children are subjected to a wide range of emotions that they experience with tremendous intensity. This is especially true in the second stage of middle school growth when students are still figuring out who they are. Children believe that everything that represents any aspect of themselves is of the utmost importance since they are attempting to identify themselves.
  • Pleasant Classroom Environment: Teachers must remember that they must set the overall mood and tone for the classroom to create a positive classroom environment. They should keep the setting very structured so that the children know what to expect and how to treat one another. They should promote healthy social engagement in the classroom so that all students feel safe.
  • Difference and Equality: During this period of life, it is especially critical that teachers demonstrate to their children how to accept diversity. Children are learning how to engage effectively with their peers in the early middle school stage of development. Teachers that promote variety in the classroom and teach their students that all kids are equal can successfully guide their students toward becoming socially appropriate. This is accomplished mostly through the teacher’s attitude, which should demonstrate support for all varied lifestyles through daily behaviours.


Educators not only play a crucial role in the socialization of their students but also have a significant influence on how well-developed they are as adults. This is because middle school can be an especially confusing time for children that will shape who they become later in life. Middle School teachers should make it a priority to help them develop strong personal identities by teaching appropriate socializing skills and guiding them through these important developmental stages so that when kids grow up, they’ll be healthy individuals with no mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

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