Social Media Research Paper Outline

Published 16 October, 2023

Writing a research paper on social media demands an outline of a research paper as a primary step from the college students. But those who have no idea about research paper outlines find it extremely difficult to complete their paper on time. Graduates from various niches get research paper assignments from their professors. For example, you can be assigned media research paper ideas or for that matter any other topic for a research paper. Those who have a fair idea about writing a research paper can start with the topic easily at any point in time. But at the same time if you are shaky about writing a college research paper on social media then the need for professional assistance gets very high for you. The research paper outline help is given here in the form of the research paper outline sample below by the My Research Topics. Go through this outline and learn the way of writing a research paper outline easily.

Introduction of research paper on Social media

  1. What are social media and its applications in the different fields of life these days?
  2. Overview of the topic to the readers in brief without missing the important details that should be known to the readers in the best way.
  3. various applications of social media for education and such other purposes
  4. The rising popularity of social media every day with cheap internet connections
  5. Theories that back and support the flourishing of social media so vigorously.

Research methods

  1. The research methodology that is used for the research on social media
  2. statistical data that shows the use of social media among the different age group
  3. Various surveys and questionnaires and data collected from them
  4. Qualitative and quantitative data
  5. The subjection of data into deep analysis on the topic to know the actual realities and not a superficial one.

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The hypothesis of the research paper

The reason behind the increase in the popularity of social media and it is used for different purposes by people. Social media is increasing its craze among every age group of society rapidly.

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The objective of the research paper

To find out the positive and negative use of social media, how we can use it for the purpose of changing the world towards the positive side. Why the popularity of social media is growing in youth, teenagers and oldies as well. Also, efforts will be made to know the way by which social media misuse can be curtailed effectively. The actual realities for social media and issues associated with it will be uncovered with this meaningful research of the research paper in the area of social media.

The main body of the research paper on social media

  1. A brief idea about the research done by previous people on the topic.
  2. What are the current challenges faced by people from social media?
  3. How social media is serving its best role in the education field for people to explore the various cultures from one place?
  4. Impact of cheap internet connections on the increase in the use of various social networking websites.
  5. Which are the most important social media websites that are popular among children these days?
  6. How criminals are using social media as a big tool to destroy peace and create massacres along with bloodshed?
  7. How to modify the role of social media only as a good friend of society and not in a negative sense.
  8. Social media is the best partner for those who do not have friends in practical reality.
  9. How to bring down the misuse of social media in the present scenario for protecting the rights of human beings aptly? 

Results of the research paper from the main body on social media

  1. Information and data regarding the reason behind the popularity of social media among different age groups.
  2. A complete idea about the popularity of social media and its use in the negative as well as a positive sense for society.
  3. Data regarding the use of social media by the businessmen for cross-cultural studies online without any cost to flourish their business.
  4. Changing trends in social media with time and popularity of sites that are user-friendly.
  5. Why some social networking sites are more popular among users than others?

Discussion of research paper results on social media

  1. How the research paper proves the popularity of social media in the various age group.
  2. Example from the main body of the research paper that social media is used in both sense that is negative and positive.
  3. Explanation on the substantiation of the hypothesis from the main body that how social media works in society among people.
  4. Explanation of the importance of social media in business for knowing the cultural expectation of the customers from various geographical areas.

References and citation of research paper

  1. Demographics data were collected from various websites for research to know the population using social media.
  2. Resources of the articles and essays used as a resource for the research on the uses of social media in different ways.
  3. Offline resources, magazines, and other mediums used for collecting data for research on the trends of social media with time.
  4. Understanding the apt way of citation in both MLA as well as APA format to gain perfection in the research paper citation.

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