Reaction Paper Writing Guide – Full Guidance for UK Students

Published 16 October, 2023

A reaction paper is written by analyzing a given work or text in-depth and then showing a personal response in relation to that specific text. What ideology and opinion you have about the central idea of text needs to be written in response or reaction paper. Tips for writing a reaction paper for UK college students are given here by experts. UK graduates are often required to write several reaction papers throughout the graduation course on their respective subjects.

These suggestions and reaction paper writing tips are going to make these students of London, Oxford, and Cambridge proficient in finishing their reaction papers on time. So if you are also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the UK from Kingston University, Exeter University, etc. then go with these tips to write your reaction paper on Science, literature, history, etc.  From preparing the reaction paper outline to its conclusion everything is possible with the help of this professional guide for the reaction paper given here. This blog post will guide you through what a reaction paper is and how to write one.

What is a reaction paper?

A reaction paper is an outcome of a writer’s perception of a given work, book, magazine, essay, or critical document. The main aim of writing these types of papers is to let the readers know about what you think of a certain book or essay.

In other words, A reaction paper is a research overview and critique that offers an in-depth analysis of the work from one or more perspectives. The writer presents their thoughts and feelings about the work, as well as ideas about how it could have been improved.

There is a very vast difference between discussion paper and reaction paper which are mostly a part of academic writing. A reaction paper can be completed within 2000 words to 3500 words mostly but sometimes the word limit can be extended based on the length of text. A reaction paper is mostly written by those doing professional courses in management, economics, and literature. 

Difference between reaction paper and summary

When you are summarising a work it means that you cannot add anything of your personal remark regarding the book or work. The things that are included in the work can be précised in a summary without missing information from it.

On the contrary, when we talk about a reaction paper it got to do something with your opinion about the work under consideration. You have to ponder on the topic to come up with your reactions to it. It is apt to compare a reaction paper with that of a book review. There is very little difference between reaction paper and book review 

Reaction paper outline 

The outline of the reaction paper can be prepared just like any other standard academic writing work. There are generally three parts in a response paper outline which comprises its introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction includes the summary, background, and objectives of the reaction paper. The main body of the paper talks about the perception and reviews of the writer for the given text. Eventually, a conclusion wraps up the paper by substantiating and illustrating the validity of the objectives mentioned at the beginning of the reaction paper. 

1. Introduction part of reaction paper

The introduction of a reaction paper can be written professionally by including the following points by the writer. If you are writing a reaction paper does not avoid writing your introduction by going through the listed tips.

  • Intervene in the Background of Text for Which You are Writing a Response Paper: The main step that needs to be taken at the primary level while writing the introduction of a reaction paper is to give a background of the work to the readers. It will set a basic understanding of the text for the readers.
  • Executive Summary of the Text Like Book, Magazine, or Essay: The summary of the book in a very brief manner should be illustrated in the next step while framing the introduction of the reaction paper. Make sure that you are writing everything crucial in your summary without stretching its length.
  • Introduce the Topic and Your Goals for Reaction Paper to Readers: Now in the next move try to tell your readers about the objectives and goals that you have decided for the given topic. That is how you can ensure a good beginning and introduction of your reaction paper.
  • Give a Brief Account of Major Research and Data Resources: The data resources, research points that are used for the paper are also to be introduced to the readers in the reaction paper introduction.

2. Main Body of Reaction Paper 

The reaction paper body can be written by following a given process that one can follow to write a professional reaction paper. UK college students can easily follow these tips to write their reaction paper body.

  • Write Your Stances as Reaction to the Given Text in the Form of Arguments: The main body of a reaction paper is comprised of the response that the writer gives towards the work. Different arguments are developed on the topic as a review of the writer and they are elaborated throughout the main body. If there is more than one reaction or point then the writer can discuss every opinion under a different paragraph. It is the main soul of your reaction paper which shows your readers what you think about a given work.
  • Discuss Every Point Related to the Work by Quoting the Text for Substantiation: The text you are given to write your response paper should be read by the writer time and again. Jot down your quotation that relates to your opinions related to the work so that you can justify your stance on the topic. It is to be noted that you cannot go on writing general statements in the reaction paper and they must be substantiated with quotations as evidence from the text. It is worth noticing that using too many quotations in the reaction paper to support your stance is also not good. A good piece of a reaction paper is not comprised of too many quotations.
  • Try to Deal with Every Single Reaction on Text Separately to Maintain Order: It is crucial that you write your ideologies, remarks, and points related to the topic in a particular order. They should not appear clumsy and irrelevant to each other so that every point of your reaction is clear to the reader that what you precept about the work.

3. Conclusion of the reaction paper  

The reaction paper conclusion can be written by briefing every reaction in relation to the text in a holistic way. The main aim of writing the conclusion is to state that whatever you have said in the introduction part of the paper is justified throughout the main body of the paper. The length of a reaction paper conclusion is to be short and precise so that readers find it comfortable to finish while reading. Also, use very functional language in your reaction paper to avoid any trouble for the readers to understand your vocabulary. 

Points of consideration for writing a reaction paper

Here are some valuable notes, you can consider while writing a reaction paper:

  • The source can be difficult to read and comprehend, so you should use a strategy like highlighting the main ideas or even writing them down.
  • Describe your point of view by creating a thesis sentence that summarizes all points in one concise statement.
  • Use other sources to back up your reaction and ideas.
  • While you need to use evidence when making your argument, it’s important that the sources are reliable ones.
  • You should analyze its contents and develop a personal opinion of the problem at hand with possible solutions offered.
  • You can also use at least one real-life example from something that you are familiar with in order to better express yourself.

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