Impact & Role of Technology on the Environment – Essay Sample

Published 16 October, 2023

The advancement of technology continuously affects the environment not only in a positive manner but there are also some negative impacts of technology on development.  The adaptation of technological resources in industries contributes to the high living standards. Continued industrialization results in environmental degradation, especially in developed countries like Ireland. The impact of technology on the environment includes misuse as well as damage to the earth. The students of Ireland can take help from professional writing services for submitting an effective comparative essay.

The effect of technology on the environment is quite significant, which even results in drastic climate changes across the world. There is the extinction of birds, damage in the form of global warming, and a great spread of diseases. The advanced environmental technology makes normal living quite difficult, and there is an urgent need to adopt unique methods to tackle inactive changes. The students who ask to write my essay paper can take help from an expertly written essay sample.

The positive impact of technology on the environment

  • Renewable energy

Renewable energy is collected from natural renewable resources like wind, sunlight, waves, rain, and heat. The positive effects of technology in society enable humans to capture naturally occurring energy. Moreover, environmental technology helps in converting energy into useful heat like water turbines, solar panels, and electricity. Furthermore, the cost of renewable energy technologies is falling for its best use.

  • Electric vehicles

Modern technology has allowed storing of energy in rechargeable batteries. Due to the rise in air pollution and many other environmental concerns, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing. Electric vehicles do not produce carbon emissions, which lead to global warming, and thus they show a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, the role of science in environmental protection is to prevent human health, plants, water, and animals.

Negative impacts of technology on the environment

  • Depletion of natural resources

The depletion of resources means the consumption of a resource faster than it can be refilled. The advancement in technology results in faster consumption of fossil fuels, contamination of natural resources, and deforestation. The misuse of minerals has become more accessible due to which humans have to dig deeper to access more. The bad effects of development on the environment have led to many natural resources entering into production deterioration.

  • Environmental pollution

When harmful gases like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, nitric oxide, and many more get introduced into the earth’s atmosphere, then it leads to air pollution. Factories, burning of fossil fuels, and vehicles are responsible for the excessive release of such gases and thus technology harming the earth. These gases not only affect the environment but harm human health.

Moreover, the release of inefficiently treated wastewater from the industries to natural water bodies results in the degradation of the aquatic ecosystem. Industrial effluents and domestic waste spread various diseases like cholera and typhoid, and even damage the ecosystem.

Example of the impact of technology on the environment essay

Title: How is smart technology beneficial for the environment?

Smart technology uses devices connected to IoT, which stands for the Internet of Things and can be programmed remotely. It helps in responding to the needs of the users effectively. The Internet of Things enables humans to collect and exchange data by using linking sensors or embedded sensor technologies. The collected data allows network devices to make decisions based on useful information independently. The internet shows the impact of technology on environmental advantages and disadvantages. It will enable social media to raise awareness of global issues across the world, and experts can create useful steps to treat such matters.

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