Advantages of Thematic Analysis for College Students

Published 16 October, 2023

Thematic analysis is a research technique that can be used to explore and analyze data. Thematic analysis for research is a kind of qualitative research in which theme-based research is carried out by the researcher. The data of the text is analyzed by developing themes in an inductive and deductive manner.

Thematic analysis forms an inseparable part of the psychology discipline in which it is applied to carry out research on several topics. UK graduates pursuing a course in Psychology must be aware of the advantages of thematic analysis to understand the texts. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of thematic analysis for college students in their academic endeavors.

Definition of Thematic Analysis

Thematic analysis is a qualitative research approach that analyzes the data in an organized, detailed, and comprehensive manner. It’s more than counting words or phrases in a text; it goes beyond that into something different altogether.

Thematic analysis in research deals with carrying out research on the topic by applying both personal and theoretical knowledge on the text to evolve themes. A set pattern and steps are used to analyze the themes in given raw data.

For example, if you are doing a thematic analysis on the interview of a famous personality then the different themes of the interview will be analyzed. It could be based on a pre-described set of processes in a theoretical way known as the deductive approach of research and in a hypothetical way on practical instances known as an inductive approach of research.

Thus the definition of thematic analysis clears it like a crystal that this method is way beyond quotations of the texts which is analyzed. This type of research is carried out in most of the literary texts of literature by researchers as well. 

Major Advantages of Thematic Analysis Research

A detailed account of thematic analysis research in qualitative methods is given here. You will be able to understand the positive aspects of thematic research in your study from the given points easily. Every advantage is described in depth here by those having the best knowledge of the subject. 

Analysis of Text Through Different Theories

Different methodologies and theories can be applied while doing a thematic analysis of a text and that is why a correct conclusion can be obtained from research. When we do not apply an analytical approach to analyze text only rigid results can be obtained eventually.

The validity of research carried out in theme-based analysis always provides an appropriate understanding of the text. This is one of the biggest advantages that can be seen from the thematic analysis in psychology.

Researchers can Easily Analyze Big Texts with Thematic Analysis

There are so many texts which are lengthy and it is impossible to go line by line for their analysis. Under such a state the best way to precept them is a thematic analysis by which they can be understood easily.

For Example, if you are analyzing a big interview of a famous eminent personality it is important to understand the gist of the interview than lines. The theme-based analysis is best for such types of other texts as well where a lot of time can be saved along with getting apt research output.

The researcher can Work in a Team While Carrying out Thematic Analysis 

It is possible to work in a team when the theory of thematic analysis is applied in the qualitative research method. This is because different perspectives of individual people matter a lot when doing such types of research.

More the number of people working towards the analysis of a text higher will be the aptness of the research output. Personal experiences are given utmost significance in this sort of research in psychology. This is another advantage that can be added to the analysis research. 

Both Theoretical and Personal Knowledge can be Applied for Research

In other types of research, it is important to follow a set pattern of rules that are used to reach the result of the research. But when it comes to the thematic analysis the case does not remain the same.

In this kind of research, the theoretical base of research matters of course but at the same time personal experiences on the topic are also given preference. As a consequence of which the best result of research can be seen which involves every aspect of the topic of research. 

Several Themes can be Developed from a Text to Understand it

Doing thematic analysis helps the researcher to come up with different themes on the given texts that are subjected to research. It is useless to read a text or observe it if someone is not able to decode all the themes that are present in it.

These themes can be developed and understood by applying individual experiences and different approaches to qualitative research on the data collected for research goals. This is the most appropriate way to do research on any text in a qualitative manner.

Both Inductive and Deductive Approaches of Research are Used 

The most significant point to carry out an analysis of a text in psychology is to apply both inductive and deductive approaches of research on the topic. While inductive research involves individual experience-based points the deductive research is based on a set approach of research.
Thus we can say that thematic analysis is the best way to get a holistic approach to any text through research. 

Other Advantages of Thematic Analysis

There are some additional advantages of thematic analysis, as follows:

  • The flexibility of the method allows for a wide range of analytic options.
  • A relatively easy and quick method to learn, and do.
  • Interpretation of themes supported by data.
  • Applicable to research questions that go beyond an individual’s experience
  • Accessible to researchers with little or no experience in qualitative research.
  • Results are generally accessible to the educated general public.
  • A useful method for working within a participatory research paradigm, with participants as collaborators.

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