Criminology Research Paper Ideas


Students pursuing a course in criminology have to develop a better understanding of every aspect of the subject of criminology. For this purpose, professors are assigning criminology projects, presentations, and research papers along with thesis and dissertation on criminology to the graduates. Below are free suggested project topics on criminology.

With the help of these topics, graduates who are pursuing this course can prepare their research papers and criminology projects easily. The topics that are suggested here include various arenas of criminology like the criminal justice system, forensic science, and criminology, etc.

So those who are unable to start their presentation on criminology or for that matter project can easily pick out a topic from the following list. At the same time topics for the capstone project on criminology can also be selected from the given list as well.

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New criminology research topics or criminology projects on the Criminal Justice system for graduates

  1. What types of rights accused people possess on humanitarian grounds in the prison?
  2. How a strong criminal justice system in developed countries is reducing the count of crimes?
  3. There should be equal punishment to the accomplice in a good criminal justice system.
  4. How a person who is acquitted by the jury after an investigation on the case suffers for no reason for defamation?
  5. A good criminal justice system should be effective enough to help the people in proving their innocence until the moment they do not found guilty in a case.
  6. Many times a person is convicted by the judicial system of a country on the basis of allegations made by the opposite party. What should be done to stop such issues?
  7. The criminal justice system is sometimes used for wrong reasons by the criminals to get a clean chit on the crime.

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Free research topics ideas for debate on Forensic science and criminology

  1. Forensic science is playing a big role in the investigation process of serious crimes to reach the actual criminal.
  2. How the one single mistake of forensic science can confirm a person guilty of a crime that he has not committed.
  3. The associative evidence in an investigation cannot be taken as primary evidence to prove the person guilty of a crime.
  4. Is there any possibility of mistakes in forensic science while conducting an investigation based on biological evidence?
  5. How forensic science is helpful for innocent people to prove their innocence under their criminal rights?
  6. Challenges that are confronted by the forensic team while investigating a case and how ethical issues are also associated with the forensic science-based investigation.

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Research paper topics on Victimology for college and university students

  1. Should a victim of the crime be punished for influencing the criminal to commit the crime?
  2. What are the loopholes that can be seen in a Victimology that helps the criminals to escape from punishment for their crime?
  3. How the victim of the crime is more victimized by the investigation team by asking offended questions time and again?
  4. What if the criminal of a case confesses to him in front of the investigation authorities as a victim?
  5. Justice is very costlier for poor people because rich people have to power to vanish the evidence with their influence.
  6. How do some criminals manage to escape from the punishment even after a full Victimology is carried out by the investigation agencies?

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Relevant criminology research topics for debate

  1. Sometimes Victimology appears like a punishment to the victim especially when the criminal manages to escape from loopholes.
  2. It is important for the investigation agencies to avoid beating the criminal while investigating the case to know the truth.
  3. The criminal justice system allows criminals to prepare a path that allows them to come out of their crime easily.
  4. Reformative punishment can help in the reduction of crime rate in the area than capital punishment and prison.
  5. A criminal does not get his mind changes about committing a crime even after completing the punishment stage in prison.
  6. Criminals and victims should not bother hiring an investigation team and rather should settle their case with mutual understandings.

Interesting and innovative research topics for a project on criminology

  1. How to catch a criminal who has fled to another country by deceiving the authorities?
  2. How person recover from the deformation that is caused to him in society because of a fake investigation on the crime which he never committed?
  3. What are the major elements of reformative punishments that should be applied to change the criminal mind for preventing him from further crimes?
  4. How to investigate a criminal case with the help of forensic science to reach the accomplice and original criminal?
  5. Different loopholes that are posses by a criminal justice system help the criminal to skip the punishment.
  6. How a judicial system can be made strong in order to put a stop to the rate of crimes in poor and developed nations of the world?

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Free research topics ideas on criminology theories for graduates

  1. How the theory of the criminal justice system came into existence and what is its role in finding the real criminal behind the crime?
  2. What are the various theories that are given behind the reformative punishment over capital punishments in criminology?
  3. Can we say that theories of criminology are limited to the books only as they have no actual significance in the investigation of crimes?
  4. How do the forensic science theories which support the investigation that leads to rich the accomplice appear irrelevant?
  5. How the theories of criminology are contradictory to each other and sometimes appear of no use for solving a crime case?
  6. The difference in the theory and actual ground state in the field of criminology that is experienced by the investigators in their life.

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