Broad-Level Research Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Ph.D. and master level students have to write their educational research papers on broad-level research-based topics. It is very problematic to find such topics every time for scholars. That is why a list of broad research paper topics for college students, Ph.D. and master undergraduates have been provided hereby best experts. Start your research on any topic that catches your interest in writing a good research paper. You will be able to complete your research paper very easily by finishing good online resources on every topic. So do research first and then move towards your research paper outline.

Topics for research on Human Trafficking

  1. How human trafficking can be controlled by making firm laws by international conventions?
  2. What are the forces and loopholes that allow the prevalence of human trafficking?
  3. How children can be saved from trafficking by making laws in the child adoption sector?
  4. What type of services is taken from the people who become the victim of human trafficking?
  5. Which are the major laws that are framed in concern to save the people from the trafficking from their workplace and nearby places?

Psychology research topics for college and PhD

  1. Advance clinical psychology and role in the rehabilitation of drug addicts.
  2. The best application of psychology in improving a child suffering from Down’s syndrome.
  3. How social care is an important part of the improved psychological behavior of a person?
  4. Importance of psychological counseling to the Doctors who have to deal with different types of patients in the mental asylum.
  5. What are the major psychological reasons behind depression and anxiety in the hectic life of today?

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Topics for research on Cybersecurity and crimes

  1. Can we expect complete security from cybercrimes in the coming one decade?
  2. How do new types of cybercrime emerge out with the passage of time which put a challenge to the cybersecurity providers?
  3. Can we say that a personal network can be a good substitute for the existing one to check the quality of cyber crimes?
  4. How private networks are causing risk to the common masses by spreading illegal work in a mysterious way?
  5. Can we relate cybercrimes like ransomware attacks with the funding of terrorism in various countries?

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Gene cloning topics for research to Ph.D. scholars

  1. Gene cloning and artificial intelligence of an individual in the coming few years?
  2. How we can alter the genes of a person with the help of biotechnology to enhance the level of his or her intelligence quotient?
  3. Is there any successful case of gene alteration that has raised the intelligence of an individual so far?
  4. What are the biggest challenges of changing the genome of a person with the application of recombinant DNA technology to make them genetically modified individuals?
  5. How can we see the future of biotechnology and genetics with the gene cloning process in the coming couple of decades?

Topics for research for Ph.D. on Religion

  1. Why religion is the most misunderstood term in the current period of time?
  2. How religious books are questioned at different times by people across the globe?
  3. Can we apply the relevance of religious books written centuries ago in the present context?
  4. Why there should be a clear understanding of the meaning of religion and its relation to God?
  5. How have women are being oppressed for a long time in the name of religion?
  6. Religious books are written by men and that is why they have subjugated the women to save their throne in society.

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