Latest Exploratory Research Paper Topics & Ideas 2023

Published 16 October, 2023

Writing exploratory research papers is not that much easy and above that finding, a good topic for the paper is the most challenging task for graduates. That is why the free list of exploratory paper topics is given here by the My Research Topics to graduates. All the topics are new and interesting to write for the college students. You will be able to find exploratory research paper topics on nurses, business and environment, economics, science, etc. Apart from it is also easy to find free research paper topics on psychology and management. So just grab the entire list and select a unique and relevant topic for research to start with a good research paper proposal for your college assignments. You will also be able to apply the appropriate and the best type of research proposal writing services while writing on these topics.

Exploratory research paper topics on Environment

  1. How the high level of carbon dioxide is harmful to the glaciers and rivers along with coastal areas?
  2. What are the important factors that are responsible for the increase in temperature on earth with global warming?
  3. How greenhouse gases are affecting the environment to great extent with their harmful effects?
  4. What are the major drawbacks of a decrease in biodiversity in a given area at the defined time?
  5. How to solve the problem of avalanche and land sliding with the help of modern technology?
  6. Can we solve the problem of air pollution without shutting industrial setup and new technology equipment?

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Free ideas for exploratory research topics about Nursing

  1. How a nurse plays a significant role in helping patients to recover from psychological traumas in their professional field?
  2. How the role of a nurse is far higher in the treatment of a patient psychologically than a senior doctor?
  3. Effect of nursing ethics on their profession and how the law system has improved the misuse of nursing ethics by doctors.
  4. What are the major social problems related to healthcare that a nurse can solve out of her or his social responsibility?
  5. Is it possible to practice freely in a professional career for a nurse along with following the professional nursing ethics?
  6. What scenario put the nursing human rights in suspension and how to get rid of it?

Best topics for exploratory research paper about psychology

  1. How to find out the psychology of a person on the basis of his social behavior with society?
  2. Can we say that autism is a conclusion of the poor social upbringing of a child which pushes him towards an awkward position to merge in society?
  3. What are the major causes for anxiety and depression mostly in teenagers than the people of other age groups?
  4. What are the major consequences of not giving counseling to a child going through emotional trauma?
  5. How the psychology of a child gets crime-oriented and what could be done to stop such ill practices?

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Trending topics ideas for exploratory research paper on business

  1. Why does the growth of online business stay lingering even if you are doing apt search engine optimization of your business website?
  2. What are the challenges of a businessman to grow his business in foreign territory without any obstruction?
  3. How do business ethics sometimes hinder the profit rate for a businessman to a huge extent?
  4. What are the drawbacks of corporate social responsibility for different businessmen over the period of time especially new business startups?
  5. How we can take the help of digital marketing to make our business successful two times high than advertising it through conventional sources?

Free exploratory research topics on management for graduates

  1. Why business management is considered tougher than healthcare management by most professional managers?
  2. What are the challenges confronted by the human resource management group in a multinational company?
  3. Different aspects of consumer behavior analysis on the basis of their cultural difference along with regional variations.
  4. How good communication skills plays a significant role in the hospitality management group in a given department or arena?
  5. The consequences of poor understanding and lack of peace among the employees of a given business organization.

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Biology – Related Exploratory Research Paper Topics Ideas

  1. What are the major reasons behind the poor functioning of the human heart and what could be done for it?
  2. Why does a human kidney stop working in old age and the person has to survive on one kidney?
  3. Can we say that all vital organs of the human body are interdependent on each other and malfunction of one can disturb the entire physiology of the body?
  4. Why human body is comprised of a four-chambered heart and primitives have one or two-chambered hearts?
  5. The reasons behind the high transpiration rate in plants during the daytime.

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Science topics ideas for exploratory research paper

  1. Why biotechnology is still a big failure in many fields where it is required to the most?
  2. What are the major drawbacks of biotechnology in the field of cell biology and genetics?
  3. How a black hole is dangerous for the life of humans and animals on the earth’s planet?
  4. Why bio-diversity is important to maintain the normal survival of human beings on this earth?
  5. How the depletion of the ozone layer is very harmful to the skin-related diseases on earth?

Latest exploratory research topics about Economics

  1. How economics theory of demand and supply can be affected by the inflation and deflation policies of the government?
  2. Why liberalization is an important step taken by most nations to develop the gross domestic products of the country?
  3. Why financial institutions are allocated to lend money to is a primary sector a priority basis in poor countries?
  4. Why hundred percent of foreign direct investments can be dangerous for the business of a country?

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